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A simple Facebook event about raiding Area 51 to “see them aliens” has led to a major cultural event in the Nevada desert, disrupting the normally quite town of Rachel. Alienstock, an alien-themed music festival that resulted from the post, has caused controversy with one of the organizers – Matty Roberts – disassociating himself from the event because it was disorganized much like the infamous Fyre Festival.

But online sportsbooks have been making the most of this phenomenon, accepting bets on whether the raid will happen or not. They correctly predicted that it wouldn’t happen – at the time of writing, there have been no reports of people Naruto running the military base. Additionally, they correctly guessed that president Donald Trump wouldn’t tweet a warning, and that the number of Facebook RSVPs for ‘coming’ would be more than two million.

Alienstock aliens in a car

Alienstock Offers New Betting Lines

However, sportsbooks are now taking bets on how many people will attend the Alienstock (over/under 10,500) and if the President will tweet anything about Area 51 this week. Furthermore, they also have bets open on how many people will be arrested in Rachel, Nevada this week. The odds are set at over/under 8.5 people. Two people have already been arrested so far.

Self-proclaimed Youtubers on vacation in Las Vegas were arrested three miles deep into the unfenced secure site. The two Dutch tourists said they simply wanted to see the base. The Nye County Sheriff’s office confiscated their cell phones, cameras, laptop, and drone. They spent three days in jail and were fined US$2,280.

Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia said they want people to know that they consider this a very serious crime. “It was important for us that these men serve jail time and pay a substantial financial penalty,” said Arabia. “We take this crime seriously. And people need to understand that we will not put up with this kind of nonsense.”

Furthermore, the town of Rachel – which is 54 people strong – has also urged people to not attend Alienstock. They recommend the planned Area 51 Celebration at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. “Warning,” writes the Rachel website, “At this time, we have to warn people against coming to Rachel. The organizers are suing each other and in the meantime, nothing is being done to prepare for the event.”

The town has also declared that they expect riots when (or if) visitors show up, pay good money, and find out that “the reality looks nothing like what they were promised. Adding, in all-caps, “STAY AWAY FROM RACHEL THIS WEEKEND!”

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