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Jenna has worked in the casino gaming industry for decades, leading to a wealth of experience in all the most popular casino games, including slots and table games. She has a special affinity for poker, and never turns down the opportunity to play a new and exciting version of the game. If you would like some good tips for the game, make sure to look her strategy guides up on, which are guaranteed to help you win more games in the long run.

What is the Easiest Casino Game to Win?

easiest casino game to play

Without a doubt, blackjack is the easiest casino game to win. Most table games have bets that provide you with a good chance of winning. For example, roulette has its slew of even money bets, and craps has the Pass/Don’t Pass Line bets. However, blackjack has tested strategies that could reduce the game’s already low […]

Is Video Craps Rigged?

video craps legit

Video craps is a term often used to refer to the electronic craps machine available in some land-based casinos. Sometimes, it is also used to refer to online games. Often, these games come under a lot of scrutiny for being unfair. Many of these claims are based on nothing more than the fact that you […]

Christmas Casino Bonuses Launched at Top US Gambling Sites

One of the best parts about gambling online in December is that many casino sites run Christmas casino bonuses. Although many casinos seem to be late to the party this year with holiday offers, some of the gambling sites featured here on already have offers that you can use to maximize your gaming experience. […]

What Casino Games are Mathematically Beatable?

mathematically beatable casino games

A few casino games allow for advantage play, meaning they are mathematically beatable, provided you use the right strategies. You may be asking, “But, aren’t all casino games based on luck?” Yes, this is true; however, some games are designed in a way that allows you to mitigate some of the randomnesses by using effective […]

What Are the Different Types of Gambling?

types of gambling

If you’re new to gambling, you may not be aware that not all games of chance are built the same way. Yes, it is easier to win some gambling games than others. As such, different forms of gambling have been identified, namely: Chance-based Skill-based So, what’s the difference between these two forms of gambling? We […]

What’s the Best Roll in Craps?

Craps looks like an intimidating casino game if you have never played it before. Yet, you will mostly hear or read gambling experts say you should play the game because of its really low house edge. In fact, if you make the right bets, you’ll only face a house edge of 1.36%. However, these bets […]

Why Does the House Always Win?

the house always wins

If you have ever read a casino gambling guide, then you will probably have come across the saying that “the house always wins.” If you are unsure of what this phrase means, it states that it doesn’t matter what you do; the casino will always land up winning one way or another. Taken at face […]

What Games Can I Play to Win Real Money?

games to play for real money

Online casinos offer you access to a wide range of casino games and casual gambling games you can play to win real money. While a traditional brick-and-mortar casino is limited in the number of games they can offer due to floorspace, the same is not true with casino sites. A gambling site can easily offer […]

Is Roulette All Luck?

is roulette luck

So, roulette is a casino game that has always been embroiled in this debate about whether it is all luck, actually really based on skill. While most people will tell you that roulette is all luck, there are a few that believe that there is some skill involved that may help you make better bets. […]

Pennsylvania iGaming Slots Sees More Than $1 Billion in Wagers

igaming revenue increases in pennsylvania

It is no secret that the global iGaming industry has seen massive gains during the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, with many countries and states across the United States having issued stay-at-home orders, this is the only way in which to access casino games safely. Pennsylvania recently announced that online casinos in the state had reached […]

Harrah’s New Orleans Scheduled to Reopen on June 13

harrahs casino new orleans reopening

Louisiana’s only brick-and-mortar casino Harrah’s New Orleans has announced that it will be reopening its doors on Saturday, June 13. The announcement was made following an update from New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell stating that the city would be moving into the second phase of lifting the stay-at-home order. The new regulations will allow public […]

3 Richest Gamblers in the World

top richest gamblers

We’ve all seen those stories before of people winning millions on a lottery ticket or a single spin on a progressive jackpot slot game in Vegas. With people looking to emulate the methods of successful gamblers, it is unsurprising that many avid gamblers ask the question, “who is the richest gambler in the world?” Well, […]

MGM CEO Believes Casinos Can Safely Open Over Coming Weeks

mgm ceo optimistic about reopening casinos

The COVID-19 has hit the United States hard with efforts to contain the spread of the virus seeing nonessential business services closed for the time being. This has had a devastating impact on the economy, with many industries feeling the brunt of forced closure. Arguably, one of the most affected sectors is the gambling and […]

5 Slot Games to Play While Stuck in Isolation

5 slots to play at home

With COVID-19 ravaging the outside world, many avid casino gamblers around the globe, are stuck at home due to emergency lockdown measures. Well, the issue with this is it gets kind of boring after a while. Seriously, one can only watch so many episodes of weird Netfilx documentaries before cracking up. (Why are there so […]

Are Online Slots Rigged?

are online slots rigged

Slot games are fun; they provide you with an opportunity to win big amounts of cash in a short space of time and have loads of lights and colors on their reels, making for a spectacular visual experience. It is for these reasons that these games have grown to become the most popular casino games […]

Kansas City Chiefs Named Favorites to Win Super Bowl LIV by Sportsbooks

kansas city chiefs favorites to win super bowl lvi

The Kansas City Chiefs have been set as early favorites to win Super Bowl LIV following the conclusion of the AFC and NFC Championship games. This comes despite the fact that their opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, posted a higher regular-season record and dominated the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. Less than […]

New Jersey Sports Betting Handle Reaches New Record in November

new jersey sports betting industry breaks records

New Jersey sports betting operators reached new levels of success after collectively processing more than US$562.6 million in bets in the month of November. The figure eclipses the previous record of US$487.9 million, which had been set in October, which suggests that the activity is definitely on the rise in the Garden State. It has […]