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Paige is an avid Poker and Roulette fan who loves to hedge her bets. As a younger team member, she’s more likely to try new games and try to find the best way to win. Part of what drives Paige is the need to understand casino games and how they work. Then, she likes to break things down and ensure that anyone can understand them. She considers herself an intermediate player, and hopes to play like a pro soon.

What Are The Odds In Texas Hold’em?

Texas Hold’em Odds

As one of the most popular poker games, Texas Hold’Em odds are extremely important to gameplay. So, what are the odds in Texas Hold’Em to win and get a high-ranking hand? We’ll be looking at the chances of winning by taking a look at the possible hands you can be dealt in this poker game. […]

Which Slot Machines Pay the Best 2020?

Which Slot Machines Pay the Best 2020?

Everyone is searching for a lifechanging win in 2020, so we’ve listed which slot machines pay the best and how to identify them. After all, you want to get to winning quickly, so why waste time finding them? At licensed web casinos, the best slots to choose are Betsoft because their games range between 95%-99% […]

What Is The Most Money Ever Lost In A Casino?

Most Money Lost at Casinos

Some high rollers win exceptional amounts of money and many lose it just as fast without blinking an eye. These players have probably lost the most money over multiple sittings than many make in their lifetimes. So, if you’ve ever wondered what the most money ever lost in a casino is, then we’ve got a […]

Should You Always Bet Max On Slots?

Bet Max On Slots

Probably the most common tip for slots is to “always bet the max” to get the biggest payouts. But, should you always bet max on every game? Most experts recommend not taking the maximum because it’s unsustainable for casual gamblers. After all, you want to play a lot more than a few spins before you […]

Can Roulette Be Beaten?

Can Roulette Be Beaten Online?

Everyone loves an excellent fixed odds game, and roulette is one of the best choices. Which leads most players to wonder: “can online roulette be beaten?” and how. Generally, the roulette wheel and ball can, but the table is less forgiving. Moreover, online roulette is nearly impossible to beat, because you’re playing against computers. To […]

What Video Poker Has The Best Odds?

Picking a video poker game with the best odds to play can be difficult when there are so many options. That’s why we’ve put this quick guide together to help you get started. Our list is based on return-to-player (RTP) percentages and house edges. Both of these factors will influence your payouts, so you should […]

How Do Online Casinos Make Money?

How Do Casinos Make Money?

When it comes to operating a gambling site, most players will probably wonder: “how do online casinos make money?” In most cases, there are three areas where the casino gets its funding from –player losses, the house edge, and free cash. Of course, there are theories that it’s from scamming players, but that’s simply not […]

College Sports Betting Arguments Continue at Senate Judiciary Hearing

Senate Judiciary Hearing

During the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearings on college sports integrity, Chief Executive Officer of the American Gaming Association (AGA), Bill Miller was invited to testify. While the inquiry is centered on likeness, name, and image, legal sports betting might impact decisions. Since July 18, the committee has discussed possible federal legislation that would allow student-athletes […]

Atlantic City Casinos Reopen to Strong Criticism on Safety Measures

Atlantic City Casinos Reopen

After 108 days, Atlantic City casinos finally opened on July 2, but critics aren’t happy with health and safety regulations. While some are happy to see the resorts open, many believe that Governor Phil Murphy’s orders are too strict. In the latest regulations, indoor dining, smoking, and eating are still prohibited at the resorts. Which […]

Unions Claim Cashless Gaming Will Cause Job Losses at Nevada Casinos

Cashless Gaming Proposal

While we’re all getting used to new public safety measures, Nevada is planning some more changes to improve health regulations at casinos. In a proposal for cashless gaming by the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC), casinos will need to offer cashless payment services. But, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union for casino floor employees has voiced […]

Michigan State Working on New Online Gambling Laws

Michigan State Internet Gambling

While Ohio slowly moves toward allowing sports betting, Michigan state is polishing up new regulations to allow more online gambling. These new policies will allow three Detroit casinos and a dozen Native American tribes to offer sportsbooks and casino-style games online. And, will be subject to the Lawful Internet Gaming Act and provisions. When the […]

Mississippi Gaming Ready to Open within New Safety Guidelines

Mississippi Gaming Ready to Reopen

Despite high pandemic numbers in the Magnolia state, the Governor has decided to let Mississippi gaming operators reopen their casinos. In conjunction with health and safety guidelines, of course. So, what’s on the cards for this week? According to the Mississippi Gaming Commission, all venues will have to follow guidelines to a tee. While it […]

Are Regular Bettors Gambling More Frequently in Quarantine?

Gambling Survation Poll Results

According to a new Survation poll, 38% of British gamblers who class themselves as “frequent bettors” said that they were betting more during the pandemic. This isn’t surprising news, but 32% of other respondents say they gamble less. So, what does this mean for other gamblers, and what are governments going to do? Reportedly, politicians […]

Internet Lottery Tickets Bring Needed Revenue to Quarantined States

How Internet Lottery Tickets Help

As the United States continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, states that sell lottery tickets online are benefitting from needed revenue. These states have reported an average hike of 10% in sales since the start of lockdowns. So, where does the money go, and why are people still buying? In short, state lotteries fund public […]

Casinos Donate Food & Money to Help Communities Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Casinos Donate to Relief Efforts

Many casinos across the US might have closed their venues but they are still helping their communities. A handful of casinos donated food and money to help their communities. These casinos are stepping up, despite losing profits and shares during the crisis. In summary: Three significant organizations are helping communities affected by the virus. Multiple […]