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If you’re wondering what the biggest bet even won is, then wonder no more. We’ve found the biggest casino wins and listed them for you. Since Lady Luck and casinos themselves are so difficult to beat, some of these entries might seem impossible. However, we can assure you that the really happened and that these wins were legit.

1. Biggest Casino Win on a Single Bet by William Lee Bergstrom – $2.41 Million

William Lee Bergstrom holds the current record for the biggest casino win on a single bet. Back in 1980, he placed a $777 000 wager ($2.41 million today) on a craps roll for the Don’t Pass line. At the time, he was known as the “Phantom Gambler” because he disappeared after winning.

2. Kerry Packer – MGM Grand Casino (Las Vegas, NV): $20-40 Million

Australian billionaire Kerry Packer is known to have bet a lot before his death in 2005. Packer was playing the baccarat and blackjack tables, where he reportedly won between $20 and $40 million in Las Vegas. Exact figures are unknown to the public.

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3. Anonymous Engineer – Excalibur Casino (Las Vegas, NV): $39.7 Million

One of the biggest casino wins in history came after an anonymous engineer from Los Angeles from just $100. After putting coins into the slot machine one by one, he won $39,713 982.25 before taxes. This can be compared to the casino’s profit in a month back in 2003. The engineer remains anonymous and reportedly received $1.5 million a year in payouts from the casino.

4. Anonymous Woman – Palace Station Casino (Las Vegas, NV): $27 Million

Another lucky player on slots took home $680 000 and $27 million by playing the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. The 60-year-old woman won the initial $680 000 and decided to keep going. Then she won $27 million on Megabucks, and the rest is history. No further details have been released.

5. Elmer Sherwin – Mirage Casino (Las Vegas, NV): $21 Million

Winning big on slots is nearly impossible, but winning twice is far less likely. However, Elmer Sherwin managed it sixteen years apart. Elmer won $4.6 million within ten hours of the Mirage opening. After that, he visited gambling venues regularly for sixteen years twice a week. Then, on his return to the Mirage, the World War II veteran won the jackpot again to the value of $21 million. He spent his second win helping others and gave a lot of it to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

6. Don Johnson – Borgata, Caesar, and Tropicana Casinos (Atlantic City): $15 Million

Beginning in December 2010 to April of 2011, Don Johnson took home $15 million from three Atlantic City casinos. He earned a whopping $4.23 million at Caesar Casino, then $5 million at Borgata. After a twelve-hour session at Tropicana Casino, he won $5.8 million with bets of $100 000. Thanks to a careless manager, Johnson managed to swindle the blackjack tables by getting the manager to recoup 20% of losses over $500 000.

7. John Tippin – Gold Coast (Las Vegas, NV): $12 Million

In 1996, John Tippin visited Las Vegas and set a world record while playing Megabucks. He won $12 million jackpot and promptly spent it as fast as he could. By 2001, he was broke and suffering from alcoholism. Since then, Tippin has warned other gamblers against visiting Las Vegas and hoping for big casino wins. In his book, I did it! My Life After Megabucks, his warnings are ignored after eight pages describing the beautiful life he had from his win.

8. Amy Nishimura – Fremont Casino (Las Vegas, NV): $8.9 million

According to Amy Nishimura, a Hawaii dweller, you just have to ask gaming machines for a win. Without using any typical gambling tricks, she claims to have just asked the slot machine for luck and won $8.9 million after three hours of playing.

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9. Beverly Whitten – Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort (Chester, WV): $3.7 million

In 2006, Beverly Whitten won $3.7 million after retiring from 38 years of teaching. While playing a Golden Chambers slot machine for two hours, she hit the jackpot of $3.7 million. However, she didn’t take it all. Instead, Whitten asked for $1945 a month in installments from the casino.

10. Mike Ashley – Fifty London Casino (London): $1.6 million

As the owner of a successful English football club in 2008, Mike Ashley decided not to play for more than 15 minutes. While playing roulette, Ashley announced that he would place a single bet on number 17. After that announcement, Lady Luck gave Ashley a win of $1.6 million, and he left within his 15 minutes after cashing out.

Overview of the Biggest Casino Wins in History

You might be tempted right now to go out and bet it all after reading about these astounding wins. But we don’t recommend it. Many players have lost more combined than these winners over the years. We have nothing against gambling, and we encourage players to try their luck. However, winning big is rare and nearly impossible. So, play it smart and follow our other tips for getting big wins in our detailed guides.