Blacklisted online casinos are Internet casinos that have committed, and continue to commit, serious infractions against their American players. We’re very happy here at Casino US that we spend so much time writing about all the fantastic online casinos you can find in the USA. However, it isn’t always like that, and there are some rogue online casinos that do not play by the rules. This is why there are lists of blacklisted online casinos to let our American readers know which casinos to stay away from. If you’d like to know more about American blacklisted online casinos, carry on reading!

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How online casinos get blacklisted

As we mentioned at the start of this page, a blacklisted online casino is any Internet gambling services provider that continuously acts against the best interests of it players. You need to understand that we’re not just talking about online casinos that we have issues with. There are plenty of online casinos out there that aren’t that great, but they are still fair and treat their players properly. In this article, we’re talking about the genuinely dodgy online casinos that have serious issues. These blacklisted online casinos in the USA must be avoided at all costs. Below is a list of offenses that, if committed, will mean an online casino gets blacklisted.

Not paying out winnings

While we all head to online casinos to have fun, the hope of winning some cash is always there. Now, imagine you landed a sizeable win and the casino never paid it out? Sure, they accepted your deposit without any issues, but paying out winnings was suddenly an issue. Most top American online casinos pay out winnings within a few days, while some might take a few weeks. However, not paying out winnings at all is a sure-fire way of getting a trip to our blacklisted online casinos list.

Not so Random RNG

Another way to get a guaranteed trip to our blacklisted online casino list is for results not to be random. These days, all online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure the results of the casino games are 100% random. But, what happens when the results aren’t random? What happens when the casino cheats and rigs the RNG in its favor? We’ve all had awful losing streaks, just as we’ve had amazing winning streaks, but sometimes you can just tell things aren’t as random or fair as they should be. This is when an online casino gets blacklisted.

Lying to Players

Let’s face it, we all love our bonuses that online casinos give us. But, what do you do if you have met the requirements, yet you don’t get the bonus or promotion you were promised? Unfortunately, there are some online casinos that blatantly lie to players about their bonuses and promotional offers. Players then have to work really hard to try to get the advertised bonus and sometimes, they still never do. This will earn any casino a spot on our blacklisted online casino list.

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam!

We understand that online casinos wish to inform players about new games and promotions, but there is an acceptable way to do this. Should an online casino spam player’s email addresses with large amounts of promotional material, this could very well earn that casino a spot on our blacklisted online casino list,

A few other things

While these are perhaps the most serious issues that get online casinos blacklisted in America, they’re not the only ones. There are a few other things that might make us blacklist an online casino and these include:

  • Very poor customer service and support
  • Poor software that is unreliable
  • Any form of unethical business practices
  • Inadequate security measures to protect player data
  • No proper licensing and regulation by independent organizations

Removing Blacklisted online casinos

So, can an online casino ever be removed from our list of blacklisted online casino? Yes, they can, but only if they can 100% prove that they have changed their ways. This can sometimes happen after a change in ownership, but it takes a while before we’ll consider removing the casino. We’re certainly not going to do it at the first sign of positive change. We try to keep out eyes and ears open so we can hear when a blacklisted online casino starts doing good things so we can remove it from our list one day in the future.

How Casino US makes its blacklisted online casino list

We like to think we are extremely fair when it comes to blacklisting an online casino in America. The list is only for the worst of the worst, the online casinos that are genuinely trying to cheat their players. In order to make sure we don’t ever blacklist an online casino for a once off situation, we constantly check for player feedback for online casinos. We also pay at numerous online casinos ourselves, so we also find rouge casinos that way.

If we do find any red flags, we try and do a thorough investigation. This includes trying to get in touch with the management at the casino to find out their side of the story. Our hope is that by doing this, we ensure that the only casinos we ever blacklist truly deserve it.

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