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Bristol Casino has partnered with Hard Rock International to form what will tentatively be called Hard Rock Casino Bristol. This past Friday project partner, Jim McGlothlin, confirmed that Hard Rock International will operate the Bristol Resort and Casino. The development has been planned for the Bristol mall and has been in discussions for months.

Bristol is one of many Virginia localities hoping to build a new casino. In order for the Bristol Casino project to go ahead, a referendum by the Bristol voters will have to be held. As it stands, all looks good for the project. In August 2018 Clyde Stacy and Jim McGlothlin, a partner in the project as well as CEO of the United Company announced plans for the proposed Bristol Casino.

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Hard Rock Casino Bristol Plans

Bristol could potentially be the very first Virginia location should the referendum be in favor of the casino. Hard Rock International is based in Florida and currently operates 260 facilities, which includes 12 casinos. Hard Rock Casino Bristol will be located near the Virginia-Tennessee border and will require approval from the state as well as the city before any construction.

During the announcement, McGlothlin emphasized in Hard Rock Management and its understanding of economic development. Hard Rock Casino Bristol will bring in additional tax revenue and create jobs. Among the many opportunities the project with bringt6eh region, casino operators have also committed to working closing with McGlothlin, Stacy and the Hard rock team to maximize benefits for Bristol Locals.

Economic Advantage from Hard Rock Casino Bristol

Praises for bringing the Seminole owned brand to Bristol also stem from the brands’ recognition of music initiatives. Hard rocks association with music will fit in with the casino as well as the city.  Randy Eads, Bristol City manager, is amongst those who have praised McGlothlin and Stacy’s efforts. The Hard Rock Casino Bristol is set to draw in almost 4 million visitors each year and create 2 000 jobs. Eads also said the Hard Rock Casino Bristol project is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ for Bristol and Virginia.

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