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We all dream of winning a nice amount of money while playing the lotto, but imagine being lucky enough to do it twice in one week. This is exactly what happened to a very lucky Californian teenager who managed to win herself over $600 000 in one week. We’d be happy with winning the lotto just once.

Californian teen wins lotto twice in one week

Two Californian Lotto Wins in One Week

The lucky 19-year old was driving home from Arizona when she decided to stop at a gas station. She decided to buy a few $5 scratch cards while there and was thrilled to find that she had won the jackpot. This win netted her $555 555, which is a pretty amazing lucky streak.

This would probably have been one of the best weeks of her life if it had ended there, but it wasn’t over. Several days later she found herself back at the same gas station, where she again bought some scratch cards. Surely, she can’t be that lucky? Well, she was. While she didn’t hit the jackpot again, she did manage to get another six-figure win, taking home another $100 000.

Other Improbable Lotto Wins

While winning a scratch card lotto twice in one week is highly unlikely, she’s not the only person who has managed highly improbable lottery wins. Back in 2015, another Californian resident landed two lotto wins, but he did it on the same day. His first win was quite minor, landing him $1000. He decided to buy three more tickets and kept playing. On his third ticket, he won the $10 million jackpot.

Perhaps the most implausible lotto winner of all was a Croatian music teacher. Over the course of 25 years, he claimed to survive several accidents. These included a train crashing into a canyon, killing 17, a plane crash that killed 19, a bus crash that killed three and so on. He seemed to be one of the unluckiest, or luckiest, men around. And then, in 2003, he won a $1.1 million lottery jackpot.