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Are There Any Free Slot Games?

Free Slot Games - Cleopatra Slots

If you have ever asked: are there any free slot games? Then you have come to the right place to have that question answered. So, the simple answer to that question is yes, there are many free slot games that you can play at many gambling websites in the US. However, we thought it would […]

5 Slot Games to Play While Stuck in Isolation

5 slots to play at home

With COVID-19 ravaging the outside world, many avid casino gamblers around the globe, including the United States, are stuck at home due to emergency lockdown measures. Well, the issue with this is it gets kind of boring after a while. Seriously, one can only watch so many episodes of weird Netfilx documentaries before cracking up. […]

Nevada Casino Workers Will Have Jobs after the COVID-19 Shutdown

Neva Casino Employees Jobs Not Under Threat

Workers who Nevada casinos hired will have jobs when the COVID-19 shutdown is over. The Las Vegas union that supports employees confirmed that workers will have their positions when things go back to normal. Last week, about 33 million US citizens applied for benefits that come with unemployment. The numbers skyrocketed five times the last […]

US Senate Passes COVID-19 Relief Bill Worth $2 Trillion

COVID-19 Relief Bill USA

With over 65 000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the US, the Senate has finally passed a stimulus package to ease the impact faced by the economy as the pandemic continues to spread.  The relief bill is worth a massive $2 trillion, and it counts as the largest stimulus legislation in US history. The bipartisan legislation […]

Casinos Donate Food & Money to Help Communities Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Casinos Donate to Relief Efforts

Many casinos across the US might have closed their venues but they are still helping their communities. A handful of casinos donated food and money to help their communities. These casinos are stepping up, despite losing profits and shares during the crisis. In summary: Three significant organizations are helping communities affected by the virus. Multiple […]

What Are the Best Online Slots to Play?

Top 5 Slots Online

Here is a list of the top 5 slots online that you can find at highly-rated gambling sites in the UK: Double Bubble Slots Monopoly Slot Cleopatra Slot Gonzo’s Quest Zuma Slots We will discuss in detail below what features all these slot games have. Additionally, we are going to tell you how they can […]

Casino Stocks in Las Vegas Drop due to Coronavirus

Las Vegas Coronavirus

Casino stocks in Las Vegas gambling operators are dropping sharply since the Coronavirus outbreak. The irony is that the gambling mecca is not a RedZone for COVID-19. The virus outbreak is having a snowball effect on the casinos in Las Vegas financially. How? Firstly, people may be paranoid about being out in crowded spaces, so […]

Can Casinos Be Rigged?

Can Online Casino Be Rigged

If you have ever wondered, “Can casinos be rigged?” then you have come to the right place because we are going to answer that question for you. Both new and experienced casino players have asked the question. The first thing that you need to know is that all casino games have a house edge. This […]

Are Online Slots Rigged?

are online slots rigged

Slot games are fun; they provide you with an opportunity to win big amounts of cash in a short space of time and have loads of lights and colors on their reels, making for a spectacular visual experience. It is for these reasons that these games have grown to become the most popular casino games […]

Blackjack Ball Event Brings Prominent Gamblers to Las Vegas

Leading Gamblers Attend Las Vegas Blackjack Ball Event

On the Strip, at a safe venue is where above a hundred great gamblers met for Max Rubin’s 24th yearly Blackjack ball gathering. Billionaires at the event were there to play and become the “World’s Greatest Blackjack Player.” The games began with 21 questions that were centered on gambling. Five finalists were chosen who then […]

Crown Resort Inquiry Exposes Australia’s Lax Gambling Laws

Crown Resort Inquiry Exposes Australia’s Lax Gambling Laws

The recent investigation into Australia’s marquee casino, Crown Resort, revealed just how less-stringent the laws are in Oz compared to anywhere else. The Crown Resort inquiry delved into the alleged money laundering that took place at the casino. The investigation is likely to render a verdict of whether the casino remains suitable to hold a […]

Colorado Casinos Eager to Open a Retail and Mobile Sportsbook

Colorado Casinos to Open a Retail and Mobile Sportsbook

Colorado casinos have sent in their application for licenses that will permit them to run web-based, mobile and land-based sportsbooks. The Central State accepted the legislation in November, according to The Denver newspaper. It’s expected that the state will be in operation in May. This license is a requirement for any company planning on building […]

Atlantic City Casino Revenues Increase by 23%

The impressive 23% Atlantic City casino revenue increase has made headline in the US gambling industry. The 23% has proofed that the industry in Atlantic City has started the year on the right foot. The gambling-friendly city extended its streak of gaming revenue increase to a whopping 20 consecutive months in January. January is the […]

NASCAR Introduces Betting App Ahead of Racing Season

The NASCAR races are starting this weekend, with the first race being the Daytona 500. Will the legalization of sports betting in some states in the USA, this has prompted NASCAR to launch a free sports betting app. NASCAR has partnered with Penn Gaming to bring this app to all who will be interested in […]

Live Internet Slots Introduced at Hard Rock Atlantic City Casino

Live Internet Slots Unveiled

The popular Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City have officially introduced the first live online slots. In a press conference on Monday, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City Presidents unveiled, with great excitement, the new live slots online. In its partnership with internet gaming company based in Israel, Softweave Ltd., Hard Rock Atlantic […]

William Hill Close to Agreement with CBS Sports

William Hill Close to Agreement with CBS Sports

British sports betting giant William Hill is reportedly in the final stages of signing a deal with US media partner, CBS Sports, as they look to infiltrate the United States market. Talks between the two parties have been long-going. If reports are to be believed, the negotiations are almost at their end.  According to the […]