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Gambling Strategies

Are Casino Card Games Rigged?

Card Games

The short and simple answer to this would be no. But, in saying that, we would disregard the fact that we can rig card games, and many players have done so even if they would not admit it. For casinos, cheating in card games or “rigging” the game isn’t too far-fetched either. But, for the […]

How can I win a bet easily?

It is not surprising that players are always looking for ways to win a bet online. Whether you are an experienced gambler or novice player, you can’t help but wonder if they are ways to win at your favorite casino game. So, we got experts to create an easy to understand guide on how to […]

What Casino Games are Mathematically Beatable?

mathematically beatable casino games

A few casino games allow for advantage play, meaning they are mathematically beatable, provided you use the right strategies. You may be asking, “But, aren’t all casino games based on luck?” Yes, this is true; however, some games are designed in a way that allows you to mitigate some of the randomnesses by using effective […]

How Do I Pick a Good Slot Machine?

Choosing a good slot machine game is not as easy as you may think, especially when you are playing for real money. There are many things to consider, like the RTP of the game, the bonus rewards as well as the entertainment factor. So, we have decided to show you how we choose the best […]

What Are the Different Types of Gambling?

types of gambling

If you’re new to gambling, you may not be aware that not all games of chance are built the same way. Yes, it is easier to win some gambling games than others. As such, different forms of gambling have been identified, namely: Chance-based Skill-based So, what’s the difference between these two forms of gambling? We […]

What Is The Most Money Ever Lost In A Casino?

Most Money Lost at Casinos

Some high rollers win exceptional amounts of money and many lose it just as fast without blinking an eye. These players have probably lost the most money over multiple sittings than many make in their lifetimes. So, if you’ve ever wondered what the most money ever lost in a casino is, then we’ve got a […]

Is There a Way to Beat Roulette?

is there a way to beat roulette

No, there is no way to beat roulette. The game is all about luck and using the right strategy or systems to improve your winning chances. Casino games have a house edge that gives the casino an advantage over the player, which means that you won’t win all the time when you play the game. […]

What are the most common casino games?

common casino games

Ever since going online, the casino industry has been thriving. There are tons of new operations and the client base is growing by the minute. As a result, more and more casino games are being released by plenty of reputable game developers. In this post, we take a look at the most popular and common […]

How Do You Beat the Casino?

How do you beat the casino?

Every player wants to know how to beat the casino. It is how you go about achieving this feat that separates the good players from the bad. Some players believe the best way to win at a casino is to use a strategy when playing. Alternatively, some players think cheating the casino is a much […]

Should You Always Bet Max On Slots?

Bet Max On Slots

Probably the most common tip for slots is to “always bet the max” to get the biggest payouts. But, should you always bet max on every game? Most experts recommend not taking the maximum because it’s unsustainable for casual gamblers. After all, you want to play a lot more than a few spins before you […]

Is Pai Gow Poker a Good Game?

What are the Odds in Pai Gow Poker

Yes, Pai gow is a good game to play at a casino. However, you may have been wondering why pai gow poker is a good game. So, we decided to give you all the answers you need to know regarding this question. If you ask other players what their favorite game is, you will get […]

Why Does the House Always Win?

the house always wins

If you have ever read a casino gambling guide, then you will probably have come across the saying that “the house always wins.” If you are unsure of what this phrase means, it states that it doesn’t matter what you do; the casino will always land up winning one way or another. Taken at face […]

How Do Casinos Pay Bonuses?

Gambling Bonuses

Casino bonuses can be seen as free offers that gambling sites provide to players in exchange for their loyalty. So, you will often find that there are terms and conditions attached to the rewards offered. The wagering requirements of claiming a bonus might differ from one casino to another. So, as a player, you have […]

Can You Cheat at Roulette?

How to Cheat Roulette

“Can you cheat at roulette?” One of the most popular questions we get about roulette. Because this is a safe space, we will not be judging your reasons for inquiring. The truth is you can cheat on any gambling game, especially at a land-based brick and mortar casino. It becomes a bit more complex when […]

What Games Can I Play to Win Real Money?

games to play for real money

Online casinos offer you access to a wide range of casino games and casual gambling games you can play to win real money. While a traditional brick-and-mortar casino is limited in the number of games they can offer due to floorspace, the same is not true with casino sites. A gambling site can easily offer […]

Which Casino Game is Most Profitable?

most profitable casino games

When you play casino games for real money, it is important to choose games with a high return to player (RTP) and low house edge. The RTP and house edge are important factors when it comes to payouts. Then this begs the question, “Which casino game is most profitable?”. Three casino games are the most […]

How do You Win Big at Casinos?

How to Win Big at Casinos

Are you looking to win big at the casino? It is no secret that every gambler is probably chasing the biggest casino win ever. There are some lucky players who have managed to win massive life-changing casino wins. You may know of the man who broke Atlantic city won over a million dollars in one […]