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What Are the Gambling Age Restrictions in the United States?

Can I Gamble at 18 in the US?

Most states have minimum gambling age restrictions of 21, but it varies because there’s no consensus. At least four states allow players over 18 to gamble: Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, and Rhode Island. Most states allow anyone over 18 to play the lottery and bet on horse racing. However, no states allow anyone under 16 years […]

Churchill Downs Bid for New Track in Northern Kentucky

Churchill Downs Bid for New Track in Northern Kentucky

On Thursday, Churchill Downs Inc. announced their intentions to apply with the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission to build a new race track facility in Northern Kentucky. The organization also used the platform to file a request to host a winter horse racing event in 2020. They would take place at the Churchill Downs Racetrack and […]


Today the Kentucky Lottery will be launching a new daily game which combines lottery with a twist of horse racing. The game called Win Place Show will make its first debut shortly after 5 pm ET. Bettors will have a combination of three numbers on their ticket, and unlike lottery games, as we know them, […]