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Las Vegas

Global Gaming Expo Officially Kicks Off in Las Vegas

Global Gaming Expo US

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) has officially kicked off in Las Vegas, Nevada this past Monday. G2E is an annual event where members of the gaming community come together for a first glimpse at new products and technological developments in the online gaming space. The Global Gaming Expo is also the biggest gaming event to […]

Las Vegas Drink Fees Spark Blowback from Patrons

Drink Fees at Sahara Las Vegas

Hidden drink fees at Las Vegas Strip venues are causing an uproar online after the mandatory “service charges” are publicised. According to industry leaders, the latest fees are “discreetly attached” to elevate the actual cost generated by the resorts. Las Vegas locals and visitors are less than pleased about the growing expense of beverages. Especially, […]

Rumored Sale of Two Big Las Vegas Casinos

Two big Las Vegas Casinos may be up for sale. MGM Grand and Bellagio are rumored to be on the market for a buyout. This is filling World Series of Poker fans in America with uncertainty about where the event will be held. The fact that the WSOP final in summer was held at the […]

SLS Las Vegas Rebranded as Sahara Hotel & Casino

SLS Las Vegas is getting closer to the return of its old name ‘Sahara Hotel & Casino’ after the last remains of everything branded SLS were stripped away late last month. The casino has been operating under SLS Las Vegas for the past five years. The news of an official name change first surfaced in […]

Hard Rock Casino Rebranded as Virgin

Hard Rock Casino USA

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas will shut its doors for good in February 2020 just after the Super Bowl. The decision to close the hotel and casino comes just a year after is was sold to its current owners, Virgin Hotels, in February last year. After the acquisition, the building’s new owners planned […]

OYO Hotels buys Hooter Casino Las Vegas

Indian based hotel company, OYO Hotels has bought popular Las Vegas casino, Hooters. Come 2020 what gamblers knew as Hooters casino will become the OYO Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Hooters was created to resemble the sports bar chain that had unconventional waitresses.  The casino, which is located near the Las Vegas strip, is seen […]

Nevada Casinos Start Investing in Real Estate

US Casinos

Casinos in the US have some of the priciest real estates in the Las Vegas area. In spite of that but are now investing in their real property more fervently. A new wave of mergers, acquisitions, and leaseback agreements are sweeping through Sin City and Atlantic City. According to research, the aforementioned deals have been […]

Newly Approved Marijuana Lounges Barred from Casinos

Recreational and medicinal use of Marijuana is legal in Nevada- provided that it is in a private place. That provision is now a little more flexible since Las Vegas City Council has recently approved marijuana lounges in the city. However, that too is laden with conditions. Some were crossing fingers that the approval would stretch […]

Cleveland Browns to Miss NFL Playoffs Says Las Vegas

cleveland brown bad odds las vegas

The Cleveland Browns are probably the most talked about NFL team at the moment. With the Browns having taken long strides in building a competitive team for next season, many have backed the side to possibly win Superbowl 54, or at the very least make the playoffs. Las Vegas sportsbooks don’t seem to agree with […]

Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino Fails

Las Vegas’s Lucky dragon casino was recently sold for $36 million. The resort has been around for 2 years.  The casino and hospitality space was sold off on Monday and the new hotel will be without a gaming facility. Chairman and CEO of Ahern Rentals confirmed the news to a media house, stating that he had […]

Bellagio Robbery Ends in Death for the Perp

Bellagio Robber Dies in Police Shootout

An armed assailant held up a section at the Bellagio in a robbery attempt that culminated in a shootout with law enforcement on Friday night. The unnamed man proceeded to the poker room cages around 21:30 PM and demanded money from the cashiers before running off. It was only outside the casino that the robber […]

SLS Las Vegas Gets $100 Million Renovations

SLS Las Vegas gets $100 million renovation

The SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is set to receive a $100 million renovation from its current owner, Alex Meruelo. The SLS has long been underperforming and has even been made fun of, thanks to its performance and the strange statue found at the entrance. With these new renovations, Meruelo is hoping to turn […]

Venetian Sphere Construction to Begin Soon in Las Vegas

Construction of Venetian Sphere in Las Vegas to begin soon

The Venetian Sphere is an ambitious new project in Las Vegas that hopes to revolutionize entertainment in Sin City. The good news is that construction for the project is scheduled to begin soon, following the groundbreaking ceremony that was held last week.     Venetian Sphere to Revolutionize Entertainment At the ceremony, Nevada Governor Brian […]

Nevada and New Jersey Warn Federal Government Over Sports Betting Regulations

Nevada and New Jersey warn against federal government regulating sports betting

Nevada and New Jersey have come out and warned the federal government over federal regulations surrounding sports betting. This warning came ahead of the Congressional hearing on the matter, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday 27 September. Nevada and New Jersey both agreed that federal regulation was unnecessary and unwelcome.     Federal […]

Raiders Stadium Reveals Proposed Parking Plan

Raiders Stadium Las Vegas Reveals Parking Plan

The Raiders stadium in Las Vegas is currently under construction, and the team behind it recently submitted their parking plan for the completed venue. If you plan on attending events held at the stadium once it is complete, we suggest wearing some comfortable shoes. The current plans aren’t exactly friendly to pedestrians.     Parking […]