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Las Vegas

Las Vegas Chef in Hot Water for Lobster Theft

Las Vegas Lobster Tail Heist

A Las Vegas chef, who worked at the Bellagio, has found himself in hot water after an attempted theft of lobster tails. These tails are considered by many to be a delicacy, and the tails don’t come cheap. However, we can’t say we understand the chef’s plan when he decided to pack 25 tails in […]

Futuristic Las Vegas Concert Venue Aims for 2020 Opening

Las Vegas Concert Venue

A futuristic concert venue is being proposed for Las Vegas by Madison Square Gardens and the Las Vegas Sands. If the project gets the green light, it promises to be one of the most striking and distinctive concert venues in the entire world. The plan is to construct a spherical glass arena in Las Vegas, […]

Las Vegas Stadium Looking to Host 2023 Super Bowl

Las Vegas Stadium wants 2023 Super Bowl

The Las Vegas Stadium, which is currently under construction, is scheduled to become the home of the NFL Raiders in 2020. Recent reports have come out indicating that the stadium is also looking at trying to host the Super Bowl in 2023. If the Super Bowl does decide to come to Las Vegas, the announcement […]

Nevada Sportsbooks Have Record 2017

Nevada Sportsbooks have record 2017

The results are finally in for December 2017 in Nevada and Las Vegas. The news is good for sportsbooks, with sports betting operations in Nevada having their best year on record. Both the total amount of bets placed and the profit made by the sportsbooks broke previous records. The news for Las Vegas strip casinos […]

Britney Spears Rumored to have Signed New Las Vegas Residency Contract

Britney Spears new Las Vegas Residency Rumor

Britney Spears recently finished off her four-year residency contract in Las Vegas, where she was performing at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theatre. Her residency ended on New Year’s Eve, but despite the long-term deal with Planet Hollywood, Britney Spears isn’t ready to leave Las Vegas behind. New reports have started to surface indicating that the pop […]

Lady Gaga Announces Residency with MGM Resorts

Lady Gaga Announces Las Vegas residency

Lady Gaga has recently announced that she has signed a residency deal with MGM Resorts. The particulars of the deal with MGM haven’t been confirmed yet, but there is some fairly solid information out there on her residency. Lady Gaga will be performing at MGM’s rebranded Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, with her shows expected […]

Californian Casinos Fighting Las Vegas

Californian casinos renovating to take on Las Vegas

Californian casinos have been in a battle with Las Vegas for many years, trying to ensure they don’t lose customers to Sin City. The battle continues to this day, with numerous tribal casinos in California recently undertaking extensive renovation projects. The hope is that when these projects are complete, they’ll be able to rival the […]

Financial Analyst says Bitcoin is a Gamble, Visit Las Vegas Instead

bitcoin is equavilent to gambling, says financial analyst

The host of Mad Money on CNBC, Jim Cramer, recently spoke out against the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Cramer said that in his opinion, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies represent a massive risk for investors, as there is so much uncertainty over the future of their value. For those who have invested in Bitcoin, this is probably not […]

Las Vegas Casinos May Change Do Not Disturb Policies

Las Vegas Casinos Do Not Disturb Policy

Following the devastating mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas in the beginning of October, numerous Las Vegas Casinos are considering making changes to their hotel’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) policy. It is believed that the shooter was able to easily prepare for his brutal attack, by leaving the do not disturb sign on his […]

Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Could Cost $100 Million More

Las Vegas aiders Stadium price could increase

The Las Vegas Raiders Stadium is set to begin construction in December 2017. However, it has recently run into a small snag. The project is expected to cost $1.9 billion to build, but proposed tax reforms by the GOP could see this cost increasing by $100 million. Part of the funding for the stadium is […]

Las Vegas Resorts Seeing Massive Hotel Renovations

Las Vegas Resorts undergoing hotel room renovations

Things are looking good in Las Vegas at the moment, as numerous casino resorts are getting significant makeovers. A number of top Las Vegas Resorts are spending over $1 billion in renovations to their hotel rooms, and it is expected the process will last until the end of 2018. The fact that so many casino resorts […]

Wynn Resorts Plans New 47-Story Las Vegas Hotel

Wynn Resorts Group has big plans for next year, with the CEO recently talking about plans for a new hotel. During an earnings call last week, the CEO of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn, mentioned plans for a new Las Vegas casino, currently called the Paradise Park Project. The new project will see Wynn Resorts build […]

Adele Could be Moving to Las Vegas

Adele Could sign residency contract with Las Vegas Casino

Adele could soon be moving to Las Vegas, if certain rumors are to be believed. Recently, a UK-based tabloid newspaper printed a story claiming that one of the big Las Vegas hotels and casinos was in the process of trying to get her to take up residence and perform regular shows. Wynn Resorts Could Sign […]

Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Could Be 2026 World Cup Host

The new Las Vegas Raiders stadium should begin construction soon in Sin City. The new stadium will cost around $2 billion to construct, and it’s already in the running to host one of the world’s biggest sporting events. The Las Vegas Raiders stadium could see itself hosting matches for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Las […]

Fontainebleau Sale Makes Las Vegas Strip Optimistic

The Fontainebleau Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has been a constant reminder of the difficult times the city faced during the 2008 recession. Since then, the building has remained unfinished. However, the new owners have hinted that they will prioritize finishing the building. Fontainebleau Sold for $600 Million The Fontainebleau was purchased by Carl […]