Las Vegas Eateries introduce “Voluntary” Covid-19 Fee to Diners’ Checks

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At least three eateries in Las Vegas have introduced an optional Covid-19 fee to checks as diners return to the Strip. After spending four months shuttered, there’s a lot of pressure on eateries to keep afloat. But what does this mean for customers?

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the El Segundo Sol, Joe’s Seafood, and Mon Ami Gabi restaurants are adding the fees to “all guest checks.” Customers will have to ask to have the surcharge removed if they want to.

First on the scene was VegasVital founder Scott Roeben, who reported the Joe’s Seafood Covid-19 Fee. In an “empathetic post” Roeben noted that residents wouldn’t mind helping the restaurant through a rough patch. Also, he said that the surcharge could easily have been a price surge.

Covid-19 Fee Introduced

Online Menus Announce Covid-19 Fee

While the three eateries are the first to introduce the Covid-19 fee, it could become an option for others. But first, take a look at the average prices for entrees at each restaurant:

  • El Segundo Sol near Wynn Las Vegas charges between $14 and $21 for Mexican style entrees.
  • Meanwhile, Mon Ami Gabi’s French bistro at Paris Las Vegas main courses cost an average of $17 to $40.
  • And Joe’s Seafood typically charges between $19 and $80 for their entrees.

Without the surcharge, most patrons would be turned off the prospect of dining out. If you want to find the percentage, it’ll be on the online menu for most eateries.

Other Eatery Surcharges

Reportedly, other restaurants in South Florida and Chicago are doing the same without warning customers. In Chicago, one restaurant charged 26% on bills, sparking outrage that forced it to lower the Covid-19 fee to 17%. Meanwhile, an eatery in Delray Beach charged 3% on every bill for sanitation supplies.

Last year, casinos were also introducing “service” fees in Las Vegas on drinks and “resort fees” to stay at hotels run by casinos. As the world settles into the new normal, there’s no telling how many fees could be introduced by businesses to make up for extended closures.

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