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Gift Cards

Many casinos allow players to deposit funds using gift cards. These gift cards can be provided by Visa or MasterCard and come with a preloaded amount of money on the card. There are numerous advantages to using these prepaid gift cards, like keeping your details secret from the casino. On top of this, pretty much all casinos should accept these gift cards for deposits.

Casinos Accepting Gift Card Deposits

Gift Cards Deposit Amounts

When depositing with gift cards, most casinos impose the same deposit requirements and limits as their other deposit options. This means that you will likely need to deposit between $20 – $30. The maximum deposit amount is also likely to sit at around $1000. However, this can change from casino to casino, so it is always important to double-check your chosen casino and make sure you are aware of the casinos deposits requirements and limits.

Gift Cards Deposit Time

Gift Card deposits have the added benefit of clearing instantly. This means that if you need more funds, you can deposit them and quickly have access to your money. We haven’t seen casinos that have an extended processing time for gift card deposits, so worst-case scenario, it might take a few minutes for your funds to clear.

Gift Cards Deposit Fees

Casinos will not charge players any form of deposit fee when making those deposits with gift cards. No one like having to pay additional fees, so this is great news for gamblers. On top of this, because the gift cards are preloaded with money, there will be no transaction fees from the financial providers either.

Gift Cards Deposit Conclusions

Gift cards are a great way to make deposits at your favorite casinos. Many gambling sites accept gift card deposits, and these are a good way for players to limit how much money they deposit. On top of this, our funds should clear instantly, and the minimum and maximum deposit amounts are very favourable.