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EA Finally Reveals FIFA 19 Loot Box Odds

The video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has finally given into to pressure and revealed the odds for loot boxes found in its new FIFA 19 video game. The latest soccer game from the company released recently and was, as expected, very popular. However, for the first time, the odds for the loot boxes have been revealed, and they are not great.

EA reveals the loot box odds in FIFA 19

EA has revealed the odds for the loot boxes found in its latest FIFA 19 video game. Unfortunately, there is a less than 1% chance of getting the items you really want.

Belgium Considers Legal Action Against EA

Recently, it was reported that Belgium was considering legal action against EA. The European nation determined that the loot boxes in the FIFA 18 game constituted illegal gambling under the country’s law. However, EA refused to make the changes required by Belgium, which meant legal action was a possibility. One of the changes Belgium requested was that the odds of the loot box be published, but EA appeared to be ignoring this.

In the game, players are able to get loot boxes, known as FUT packs. These are obtained by in-game currency, earned by simply playing the game, or players can spend real money and buy them. The loot boxes contain random star soccer players or other items, which the player can use to build their ultimate soccer team and progress through the game.

EA Reveals Long Odds

The rarest of these player cards are known as ‘Ones to Watch’. These are the most famous soccer players in the world. More than that, these are the only cards that allow the soccer players skills to improve. So, not only could a gamer have a Ronaldo on their team, it would be a super Ronaldo with better stats than normal.

The whole idea is that these cards are rare, but the odds have revealed just how rare they are. An example is the Premium Electrum Players Pack loot box, which costs 250 FIFA points. Alternatively, it can be purchased for $2.49. This pack has less than a 1% chance of containing a ‘Ones to Watch’ card. This means that a gamer with a normal level of luck would need to spend $249 to get one of these cards and there are 11 in total. While you can just play the game to earn FIFA points to unlock these boxes, the issue is that these games are designed in such a way that the time needed to do so, makes it almost impossible to get them without spending real money.

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