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Two punters from different US states have withdrawn their charges against Pennsylvania’s SugarHouse Casino. The gamblers had sued the casino after they lost money during a malfunction with the casino’s shuffling machines back in May. The pair claimed that the casino had cheated their winnings of approximately $250 000 combined, during the malfunction.

Just recently, the attorneys of the claimants notified the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania that the two were voluntarily dismissing the lawsuit without any prejudice. Read more on the story below!

Gamblers drop SugarHouse lawsuit

About SugarHouse Casino’s Lawsuit

In May, earlier this year, Anthony Mattia of Philadelphia claimed that he had lost $147 000 gambling at the venue during that period. Another claimant, William Vespe of New Jersey, appended with an additional $103 000 in losses. In the lawsuit, the gamblers claimed that the faulty shuffling machines were the reason for their loss. Tagging themselves as “frequent wagering” customers, the claimants argued that they had been gambling at the time of the malfunction and allegedly lost six-figure sums as a result. Meaning that they were exposed to unfair gaming which then resulted with significant financial harm.

The two have now withdrawn the lawsuit “without prejudice” according to court documents from July 11. What this means is that Mattia and Vespe are free to refile the lawsuit, should they wish to do so at a later stage.

Other Incidents

This is not the first time that SugarHouse has landed in boiling water. The casino was fined by the PCGB in three incidents back in 2017 after an automatic card shuffler became faulty, allegedly dealing games with odds that could have been somewhat ‘skewed’.

One of the incidents was in May, when the casino dealt 122 blackjack cards from an incomplete deck. The occasion affected eight players with seven of them losing money. Another incident was when 16 hands were dealt by a poker tournament dealer from two unshuffled decks after a similar malfunction. SugarHouse Casino staff was found guilty on both occurrences for failing to report the faults.

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