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Grand Theft Auto'sGrand Theft Auto’s Diamond Casino opens in-game casino amidst gambling debate online. Rockstar opened its first casino in Grand Theft Auto Online, the Diamond and casino gamblers can play real money games. The casino has been empty six years of GTA online’s existence. The resort is now open, and it’s a pretty upmarket place. Besides the new missions and the housing options, it further offers the kinds of gambling games that you’d expect from a casino —poker, blackjack, slot machines, roulette and many more.

It might be that the reason they added the casino games is due to the card-based gaming being a huge hit at Red Dead Online. Anything that is a vice-related fly in Los Santos. However, it’s not the casino that is a problem, it’s the timing of its arrival that feels like a triumphant middle finger to one of betting’s biggest ongoing disagreements.

Grand Theft Auto’s Diamond Casino – Heated Debate

They are in the middle of a very heated debate about whether or not things such as loot boxes establish unfair game practices or are even dangerous to children. Casinos Online are dragged into this debate, and it has been going on in numerous countries worldwide. The root of the problem is whether or not chance-based game mechanics that involve real money must regulate the same way gambling does. It’s been a prickly issue, and game producers have gone to torturous lengths to defend loot-boxes.

The idea of loot boxes was never thought to have to harm kids and no evidence proves or supports it. The controversy is only framed that way to be politically striking. Besides, children shouldn’t be an issue: GTA Online is an M-rated gambling game that should, in a flawless world be played by grownups.

Grand Theft Auto's Diamond Casino

In-game Casino Gambling

Still, an in-game gaming facility where you put in real-world cash to play, which is the spanning line. The sole reason one can think is that this may not even constitute gambling as it does not even pay-out real money. It doesn’t matter how much in-game money you win with your paid-for chips; you cannot get any actual cash from the game. Also, you don’t have to charger up your own money to play. Regardless of the real money concern, there will always be a lot of people who will be doing it.

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