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Illinois Casinos to Reopen Doors in July

The state’s gambling places have been closed since March to help prevent the spread of the global pandemic, coronavirus. The reopening of casinos and the resumption of video gambling machine operatives are part of Phase 4 of five-phases. This is to restore Illinois’ plan that proposes to reinstate businesses and other aspects of people’s lives.

Casinos and gambling halls are ready to reopen a few days behind other establishments that are to relaunch as part of Phase 4. Illinois’ moving into the fourth reopening stage beginning today. As casinos began to resume Earlier this month, operations in neighboring states, the Illinois Gaming Board has issued health and safety guidelines. They are for the state’s casino and video gambling terminal operatives to follow when allowed to relaunch. The state’s gambling facilities were instructed to submit their reopening plans for approval by the regulator.

Each of the state’s casinos will be operating at 50% capacity. However, the Gambling Board said that this is subject to change “depending on public health conditions.”

Illinois Casinos to Reopen Doors in July

Face Masks for Everyone

Employees and players at gambling establishments are required to wear masks or other face coverings, as per the Gaming Board guidelines. Casinos are required to provide free personal protective gear to their staff members. Casino employees have to experience daily health screenings. They will have to frequently remind patrons to also practice some social distancing and to wash their hands correctly. All gaming equipment will be disinfected properly and recurrently. Illinois has ten casinos and over 36,000 video gaming terminals across nearly 7,300 bars, truck stops, and restaurants. Of the imminent reopening of gambling venues, Gov. Pritzker said that they try to do things in good measures, “with more of health and safety guidance”.

Tom Swoik, Illinois Casino Gaming Association Executive Director said that the state’s casinos “are going to be some of the safest places customers can be” and that “all of them are being disinfected.”

At restaurants, bars, and other facilities hosting gambling machines, operators are required to install physical dividers between the machines or to space them out. this is to ensure that customers are at the safe reserve from each other. The closure of Illinois’ casinos and its sportsbooks encouraged the state to present mobile gaming earlier than predicted. Under the original sports betting law permitted by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Pritzker last summer, state gamblers were required to register in-person at physical gaming facilities to be able to place bets via their mobile phones.

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