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More Las Vegas casinos have started monitoring their players before offering free alcohol. Not so long ago, one thing Las Vegas casinos were known for was all the free booze being offered on the gambling floor. This is rapidly changing as Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas has recently joined the ranks of casinos that monitor their players before offering free drinks.

Las vegas Casinos now monitor before giving free drinks

Earn Your Complimentary Drinks in Las Vegas Casinos

Caesars Entertainment instituted this same policy at its Las Vegas locations in 2016. This policy was very quickly adopted by Las Vegas Sands, who run the Palazzo and Venetian casinos. Following that, Westgate also started doing the same. A similar policy is currently being considered by the Hard Rock as well, which is a very popular gambling destination for millennials.

Essentially, what Las Vegas casinos are starting to do is monitor a gambler’s spending to determine when they have gambled enough to warrant receiving complimentary alcoholic beverages. This prevents players from spending the bare minimum and enjoying free drinks.

One of the systems that can be put in place is linked to slot machines and has three coloured lights on the back of the game. When a player starts playing, a blue light comes on. When they have spent enough money, a green light turns on to inform the casino they have spent enough to get a free drink. However, if they player starts cutting back on their spending, a red light comes on, and the free drinks stop.

Las Vegas Casinos Charge for Parking

This change is obviously not going down well with many people, who believe it is an attempt to squeeze as much money as possible out of every single player. The price of the booze has also angered some players, with reports coming out that a single shot of alcohol cost as much as $16.

On top of this, many casinos have recently started charging for parking as well, which never used to be the case. In addition to this, after less than a year of starting to do this, some casinos decided to increase the parking prices, which saw increases as high as 39% in some casinos.

While we’re sure Las Vegas will still remain the top gambling destination in the world, some gamblers are definitely worried about some of these policy changes.