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The Las Vegas Stadium, which is currently under construction, is scheduled to become the home of the NFL Raiders in 2020. Recent reports have come out indicating that the stadium is also looking at trying to host the Super Bowl in 2023. If the Super Bowl does decide to come to Las Vegas, the announcement could be made within the next few months.

Las Vegas Stadium wants 2023 Super Bowl

The new Las Vegas Raiders Stadium is apparently hoping to secure the 2023 Super Bowl.

Las Vegas Stadium a Realistic Candidate for 2023 Super Bowl

The Las Vegas Stadium is currently under construction and will cost an estimated $1.9 billion. The domed stadium will be able to seat 65 000 people when complete and is being partially funded by the owner of the Raiders, Mark Davis. Davis is contributing $500 million towards the project and sits on the NFL Super Bowl and Major Events Committee. As such, it is believed he will be a strong proponent for Las Vegas hosting the event in 2023.

NFL team owners will be meeting in Orlando in March, and they might reach a decision on the 2023 event at that time. The Super Bowl will be hosted in Atlanta in 2019, Miami in 2020, Tampa in 2021, and Los Angeles in 2022.

2018 Super Bowl Upsets Sportsbooks

The 2018 Super Bowl is still fresh on everyone’s mind after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the odds and won the game. The New England Patriots had been the favorites going into the Super Bowl, but that didn’t stop the Eagles from emerging victorious. This was bad news for many Las Vegas sportsbooks, who had encouraged betting on the underdogs and now have to pay out.

There are those in the NFL though who will be opposed to Las Vegas hosting the event. The NFL commissioner has been very vocal about his opposition to overturning the Federal ban on sports betting. He is concerned about it jeopardizing the integrity of the game, and Las Vegas obviously has a very active sports betting market.

However, the Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision within the next few months, and many believe it will overturn the ban. This will mean sports betting will likely become available in many other states, so this shouldn’t hurt the Las Vegas Stadium’s chances of hosting the event.