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Nevada’s Black Book could soon see a new member being added to its pages. This would be the first time someone was added in nearly three years. The Black Book could soon see a two-time convicted felon added to the list of those permanently banned from Nevada casinos. The man in question seems to enjoy stealing from the elderly inside casinos.

Nevada Casino Black Book

Nevada’s Black Book could be getting its first new name since 2015. Joseph Moody could be excluded from all Nevada casinos for life, for stealing money from elderly gamblers.

Moody Could Be Latest Black Book Member

For those of you who don’t know, the Nevada Black Book is a list of people who are permanently banned from entering any Nevada gambling establishment. Currently, there are just 31people in the book, but this could soon become 32. Last week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board agreed to nominate Joseph Whit Moody for entry into this exclusive club.

Moody, who is 45 years old, is known to distract elderly gamblers inside the casino. Typically, he targets women and likes to make his move when the player is at an ATM or the casino cage. Once distracted, Moody steals their money and escapes. Moody did things like asking the elderly gamblers for directions and stealing their money.

Black Book Membership Not Easy

The last time a name was added to Nevada’s Black Book was back in 2015 when Archie Karas was added. He allegedly turned $50 into $40 million in Las Vegas casinos, before losing it all. He then turned to a life of crime and committed several felonies in Las Vegas casinos, such as marking playing cards and forging casino chips.

Getting your name in the Black Book is no easy task. There are numerous arrests related to gambling crimes in Las Vegas every day, but almost all of those people never get added to the Black Book. The fact that there are just 31 names shows how difficult it is. Kara was added, the list has actually gotten smaller. This is because some people on the list are removed due to passing away.

The decision on Moody will be reached on the 22nd of March. If his name is added, he will be banned from all Nevada casinos for the rest of his life. He will have the opportunity to appear before the gaming commission to plead his case and convince them why a lifetime ban is not needed.

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