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Nevada Casinos Go Cashless and Adopt Bitcoin SV

Nevada casinos go cashless, that is the latest announcement from the NGC. The Nevada Gaming Commission has approved a system that will allow casinos in  Nevada to use cashless systems in their everyday operations. The amendment came into effect from June 25th and is all done an effort to keep everyone safe and minimize contact. Casinos in Nevada will be able to operate more efficiently and safely using Bitcoin SV.

Nevada Casinos Go Cashless

The Nevada Gaming Commission hopes that this step will transform how casinos operate or in forward. The mandate passed by the NGC is effective immediately. So, you can expect to start using electronic payments instead of cash in Nevada casinos going forward.

NGC’s Decision to Go Cashless

The Nevada Gaming Commission passed a total of 8 amendments to effect this change to cashless systems in casinos. In this new cashless system, some things will change, such as the slot machine printouts. Those will no longer be required since the idea is to limit any contacts with services as much as possible.

As always, with any new developments, there are some people opposing the idea. Responsible gaming advocates and experts on gambling addiction are opposed to the move. They feel that this cashless system will make compulsive and impulsive gambling to easily accessible.

However, a cashless system does not mean there is no way to track who is using what funds. It may be easier to keep track of how players are using their funds in gambling. Unlike with cash, no trail leads back to the player.

What’s more, this bitcoin SV cashless system has the potential to reduce casino operating costs as well. Through companies like BitBoss, casinos will be able to introduce bitcoin SV into their daily gambling operations seamlessly. The systems allow land-based casinos to record all transactions made using Bitcoin SV.

The Nevada Gaming Commission itself has not said anything about self-exclusion in this new Bitcoin SV cashless systems. However, we do expect that there will be provision for that in the future. As this is a new step made necessary by a pandemic that no one was well prepared for. Therefore,  we expect refinements and more developments on this new cashless system.

At first, some were advocating that customers should register an account for using the cashless system to have a database or traceable way to keep track of the transactions. However, with the use of the cashless system, every fund transfer is captured during that transaction.

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