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Eating drinking and smoking is here on out banned at Atlantic City Casinos. Governor of the state of New Jersey made the announcement earlier this week. Atlantic City casinos are scheduled to open later this week. The decision follows a recent spike in COVID-19 cases in surrounding states, and also because some New Jersey casinos have not been adhering to proper health regulations.

More Details on the Ban

Executive Order No. 158, signed by Governor Phil Murphy temporarily prohibits the consumption of food and drink at indoor venues at these casinos. It also prohibits anyone from eating, drinking or smoking on the premises of any business be it retail, entertainment or recreational. The order does allow the removal of masks for a brief time to consume water only. Apart from this, masks should be on at all times.

In a statement, Gov Murphy emphasized how important it is that everyone abide by the rules. He said that the reopening of casinos in Atlantic City will not reopen until there is complete compliance. Murphy highlighted public health as the main priority and will put everything on halt if that is threatened.

New ban on food and drink

Outdoor Property Orders

Executive Order No. 158 for the time being applies to indoor venues only. Outdoor venues in Atlantic City may continue operating provided that they adhere to the rules. Some of the rules include:

  • recording the details and temperature of every entrant
  • having limited seating
  • Disinfecting the tables, chairs and equipment after every use
  • Compliance to social distancing
  • Installation of barriers and compartments between people

Public Response to Ban

In response to the announcement by the Gov, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa issued a statement on Twitter saying that they respect the Governors decision. As a result, they will remain closed until they are able to offer the kind of hospitality that guests expect from them. The property will stay closed until they receive the green light to serve food and drinks to its customers.

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