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Best Keno Rules Guide in the US

Best Keno Rules Guide in the USPlaying lottery games is fairly simple, as long as you follow some basic rules. Generally, Keno rules are a little more specific than other games. As long as American players follow them though, they’ll be able to win consistently. Depending on your wager amount and the overall prize amount, US gamblers can win a lot from Keno games. Since there are multiple versions of the game both on and offline, options are endless. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the rules for each type of Keno and how to play fairly.

What makes playing a Keno ticket fun is the fact that you can decide how many games you want to play. There are no limits to how many consecutive games can be played. All you need to consider is the ticket cost and the multiplier option for each one. So, whether you’re playing through a lottery retailer or at a casino, you’ll be able to enjoy the game by using our basic Keno rules.

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Basic Keno Lottery Rules

  1. Keno is a game of luck where bets and prize payouts are based on fraction calculations.
  2. Choose between one and 20 winning numbers from a group of 80 to play per draw. Most operators require at least four numbers to be picked.
  3. A Keno wager is usually small with a chance of minimal payouts. Try a multiplier option to boost winnings up to 10 times.
  4. Picking additional numbers is costlier, but also increases the chances of correct numbers being selected.
  5. Since Internet Keno games are fast-paced, Americans can play multiple games at a time.
Basic Keno Rules

Types of Keno in the US

In the United States, players can expect three types of Keno. This includes lottery games in states like Oregon, Michigan and Massachusetts. So, look for these three games at your nearest vendor:

  1. Video Keno – is a fast-paced gaming machine a lot like a slot terminal. All results are determined with a random number generator (RNG) so it’s a lot fairer than traditional tickets. These games also have bonus modes and a multiplier number for extra fun.
  2. Live Keno – this version usually played in a Keno lounge at a land-based casino or through a video stream at a gambling website. Live games resemble Bingo in pace and structure. Keep an eye on the keno monitor so you can claim your prize.
  3. Lottery Keno – these variants are sold at local vendors and have daily draws across the state at a specific time.

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How to Play Keno by the Rules

Playing Keno online or locally has a few strategic requirements. We’ve listed our top tips for US gamblers so that you can start testing strategies.

  1. Play for free until you understand the game fully
  2. Look for special tickets and capitalize on them
  3. Pick a bonus feature keno game
  4. Shop around for the best payouts
  5. Try a progressive variant for a bigger prize payout

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