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bias-roulette-wheelBiased roulette wheels are wheels with numbers that are more likely to come up than others due to a fault. There are three main kinds of bias and these are pocket, section and dynamic bias.

If the colored glue on one of the grooves wear out then that may affect where the ball lands. Roulette wheel bias is an issue that affects brick and mortar casinos. When playing roulette online there is no chance of a biased wheel since the wheel is digital and results are generated by Random Number Generator.

How many numbers on a roulette wheel are likely to be affected by wheel bias? There is a system player can use to spot what numbers are coming up the most. That said, a biased roulette wheel can work to your advantage.

We will outline how to make a roulette wheel that is biased work for you. Over and above that we have listed top USA online casinos that accept players, where online roulette can be enjoyed. You can play completely fair random results roulette games online.

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How to Make A Roulette Wheel Odds Favour You?

In order to make a biased roulette wheel work to your advantage, you have to make sure you know what kind of bias it is. As we have previously mentioned there are three main kinds of bias, pocket, dynamic and sector bias.

We have outlined the various characteristics of different types of roulette bias.  There is a way that you can monitor the trends of the results of every wheel spin to adjust your bets. This method is known as clocking.


Roulette Wheel Clocking

In casinos where electronic display boards are installed, you can see the dozen or more numbers or more to appear. You can make a note of winning numbers over at least 50-100 spins to see if there is a pattern. Afterwards, place your bet on the number or sector that keeps reappearing. The display boards are great if you are clocking multiple wheels at once.

Where there are no electronic display boards, all you need is a paper and pencil. Using that bayou can mark off numbers as they appear. You need to pay close attention to all the winning numbers. This method may not be feasible if you want to clock more than one wheel at once.

Casino Roulette Wheel Pocket Bias

The pocket separators, also known as frets may become loose. This affects where the ball lands through various ways. For instance, a loose fret may make one pocket and the other narrower. This means that one will have more room for a ball to land while the other has less space for a ball.

The actual pocket may become ‘deadened” that is the surface of the pocket may be worn out. This affects how the ball bounces. Roulette balls are more likely to rest in these worn deadened pockets. Regardless of whether you know how to play roulette, a worn pocket will toss render the best strategy useless.

Sector Bias Roulette Odds

Sector bias is created when the wheel rotor is loose. This then makes the entire wheel wobbly and skew to one side.  Wherever the rotor leans lower is where the ball is most likely to land.

You can even tell whether the wheel leans to one =side before the roulette wheel spinner is in action. The tilt of the wheel will give certain pockets a higher chance of having the ball land in them.

Dynamic Bias Roulette Odds

Dynamic bias is a shorter-lived advantage. It may simply be a case of how the croupier spins the wheel. There are various factors that may influence dynamic bias.

Roulette wheel bias is a short-lived spike in appearance of certain numbers. This kind of bias maybe difficult to exploit especially when you don’t know when the short-lived trend will end.

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