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Poker Player Risks It All on Black

A poker player in the UK, named Jake Cody, recently made the news for a rather brave example of gambling. Cody had been playing in the Partypoker UK Poker Championships at England’s Dusk Till Dawn Casino. He had been playing in the High Roller event and managed to win. This landed him a nice prize of $60 000.

Poker player bets $60 000 on roulette spin

Jake Cody, a poker player from the UK, won $60 000 at a tournament. Instead of taking his winnings, he placed them on black at the roulette table.

Poker Player Bets It All

But, this is not what is impressive about Cody’s story. He is a well-known poker player who has taken home over $4.5 million in prizes over the years. In fact, he is the UK’s tenth most successful poker player of all time. It’s what Cody did after winning $60 000 that has shocked everyone and got them talking.

As soon as Cody won the high roller event, he took his $60 000 winnings from the poker table and headed straight for the roulette wheel. Once there, he placed all $60 000 on Black. As we all know, this would double his money, and he had a near 50-50 chance of doing so.

Spin Pays Off

The owner of the Dusk Till Dawn Casino, Ron Young, decided to accept the bet. He is a poker player himself and is also well-known and respected in the poker community. He even went ahead and spun the roulette wheel himself. We can only imagine the stress of watching the wheel spinning with $60 000 on the line.

Numerous bystanders filmed the spin, and it has spread across social media. Cody was visibly tense but smiling as the roulette wheel was spun. Luckily for him, it landed on black, and the crowd that had gathered burst into applause and cheers. While a bet like this may not be out of the ordinary at high roller baccarat tables in Macau or Las Vegas, it was a very special occasion at the casino in the UK Midlands. Cody went from winning $60 000 to $120 000, but it could have gone very differently.

We wouldn’t recommend trying this yourself.

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