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Pennsylvania government representatives and business leaders are in favour of building the proposed Parx Casino, despite anxieties from community leaders and residents. This is after a community meeting to discuss the building of the casino had taken place. Parties that are in favour and the ones in opposition of the future casino have met to discuss their concerns over the influence of the casino on the community.

Proposed Parx Casino

Proposed Parx Casino – The Pessimists

Community members that opposed the Parx Casino say that casinos are not a welcomed imposition on a small farming community by vast investors. Shippensburg is bordered by farmland and Amish communities. Gambling activities in the area would add traffic problems and upsurge the potential for crime.

Church leaders are among those who don’t want the casino to be built there. Rev. Jim Rogers of the Shippensburg First Church of God said that they don’t want a casino in Shippensburg, simple.

He went on to argue that any financial prosperity generated by the casino would be met with a bust when crime hits the quiet community rather than growing funding for community services needed. He also went on to suggest that people are not even supposed to be at a casino.

The Proposed Casino

The proposed Parx Casino falls under a Category four casino, also named a mini-casino. Category four casinos can have between 300 and 750 slot games and up to 30 table games. The new classes of gaming licenses came with the Pennsylvania government in 2017.

The law approves up to 10 mini-casinos to take place in the state, with the condition that they must be at least 25 miles from other Pennsylvania casino venues. Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment also plans to open its mini-casino which will be under the Parx brand. The small casino will consist of 475 slot machines, 40 table games, and also a sports betting lounge. It will be on the Interstate 81 in Shippensburg Township.

Those in Favour

Shippensburg Township’s supervisor Steve, Oldt, believes the proposed Prax Casino will greatly improve Shippensburg. “Overall, the potential gains of a casino project will far overshadow any bordering risk, and a long-term economic benefit for the greater Shippensburg area will be provided,” he said.

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