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Quick Draw Game Hurts Atlantic City Casinos, Says Lawmakers

The New Jersey lottery game, Quick Draw, poses a threat to the casinos in Atlantic City. This is according to two lawmakers in the state, who will be arguing their case later this week. They will be meeting with the Assembly Tourism, Gaming, and Arts Committee. The lawmakers will be proposing a new bill that would limit damage to the casinos in Atlantic City.

Quick Draw under fire

The New Jersey lottery game, Quick Draw, could be hurting Atlantic City casinos. This has prompted lawmakers to introduce a new bill.

Quick Draw Hurting AC?

Quick Draw is a keno-like gambling game, costing between $1 and $10 per play. Quick Draw became available in 2017, and it was hoped that the game would increase lottery revenue for the state. The game works with players choosing 1 – 10 numbers, from a selection of 80. The player’s odds and potential payout are determined by the number of numbers they chose, as well as how much they decided to wager.

The game then sees 20 numbers draw, with these taking place every five minutes. This means players could play Quick Draw 226 times a day if they wanted. The game debuted during former Governor Chris Christie’s administration. The issue is that some believed this game would keep gamblers away from Atlantic City, as the game could simulate playing slot machines.

Limit Number of Daily Quick Draw Draws

The New Jersey Gambling Committee Chairman, Ralph Caputo, along with an Atlantic City Assemblyman, Vincent Mazzeo, will introduce a piece of legislation that would limit the number of draws that could take place every day. As we said, there are currently 226 draws every day, but the new bill seeks to limit this to just two per day.

As you’d expect from a lottery game, the odds of winning are quite low when playing Quick Draw. The payout percentage on a 10-number ticket is around 60%, far less than what you’d find at a slot machine. The odds of having all ten of your chosen numbers come up are one in 8 911 711. The odds of having five of your numbers matching is one in 19, which isn’t too bad. Quick Draw tickets can be bought from numerous bars and restaurants, as well as other lottery retailers.

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