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Resorts World Las Vegas, a new casino being built in Las Vegas by Malaysian casino developer the Genting Group, will reportedly be delayed until 2020. Earlier this week, Genting Group announced that the opening of their new $4 billion casino was being delayed due to a redesign and overhaul of the casino’s interior.

Resorts World Las Vegas delayed until 2020

Resorts World Las Vegas Targets China

As it stands right now, Genting Group is targeting the Chinese market with Resorts World Las Vegas. Many casinos target Chinese tourists, thanks to their spending habits. While this is still the case, the new design will reflect a desire to attract younger Chinese gamblers to the casino.

The original design called for a casino with very traditional Chinese décor, creating an atmosphere that honoured and celebrated one of Earth’s oldest cultures. The Genting Group has identified the need to attract younger gamblers, just as many casino operators in Las Vegas have. The redesigned interior of the casino will still have a Chinese feel to it but will blend this with a more modern look and feel. The hope is that Resorts World Las Vegas will redefine the integrated resort experience in Las Vegas.

Resorts World Las Vegas Behind Schedule

The plan for Resorts World Las Vegas originally called for the casino to be opened in 2016. However, there were some complications along the way that delayed completion of the project, including an overly ambitious deadline. Genting bought the development site from Boyd Gaming in 2013, who had intended to build a hotel complex in that location. The construction site had previously been the location of the Stardust Casino, but that project had never been completed before being sold for $350 million.

When complete, Resorts World Las Vegas will boast 3000 hotel rooms, a 100 000-square foot casino floor, entertainment facilities, retail shopping, and numerous restaurants, with many offering authentic Asian food.