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Rivers Casino and Resort, located in Upstate New York, is facing legal troubles after being sued by a gambler. The gambler is suing the casino, as she believed it robbed her of her prize, a Jaguar XE. Her case is based on a small missing detail in the terms and conditions of the competition.

Rivers Casino Sued for Denying Woman Jaguar Prize

A woman is suing Rivers Casino for denying her a Jaguar XE that she won. She claims that the T&Cs for the competition were incomplete, leading to her losing the prize,

Rivers Casino Missed Important T&Cs

The gambler had entered into a competition run by Rivers Casino to win a brand-new Jaguar XE or $25 000 in cash. When the final draw happened, her name was the first to be drawn. However, she was not present at the draw, meaning that the winner was drawn again. Her case states that there was a missing asterisk in the terms and condition of the competition.

The T&Cs stated that winners needed to be present to claim their prizes in the draws leading up to the main prize. Should they not be present, they would receive a lesser prize. The T&Cs used an asterisk to draw people’s attention to this fact. However, there was no asterisk next to the details for the main prize draw. The gambler’s lawyer is arguing that because of this, the requirement to be present to claim the prize did not apply.

Jaguar XE

The gambler in question had won a Jaguar XE similar to the one pictured here, or $25 000.

Lawyer Believes Case is Simple

Her lawyer has come out and stated that he believes there can be no other legal interpretation. Rivers Casino knew it needed highlight such a clause, as it had clearly done so for the other draws. However, it had not highlighted this for the main draw. The lawsuit is trying to get Rivers Casino to pay the gambler for the prize, as well as legal fees.

Her lawyer has had prior experience taking on casinos who deny players prizes. Currently, the lawyer is also representing another gambler who thought they’d won $42 million at Resorts World in Queens. However, the casino says the slot malfunctioned and voided the win. All they were given was a free dinner. This case is ongoing.