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Probably the most common tip for slots is to “always bet the max” to get the biggest payouts. But, should you always bet max on every game?

Most experts recommend not taking the maximum because it’s unsustainable for casual gamblers. After all, you want to play a lot more than a few spins before you run out of money, right?

So, we’ll be going through the best and worst times to bet max. Plus, why you should or shouldn’t do it consistently at online casinos.

And, we’ll list all of the features you should consider while playing slots for real money.

Bet Max On Slots

Bet Max Coins & Paylines

All slot games have two factors to bets whenever you play them: coin denominations and active paylines. These combine to make up your final bet, which you need to spin the reels and start getting winning combinations.

Most slots feature a vast range of coin sizes, from $0.01 to $10 in most cases from our experience. While there are cheaper slots, the larger coin sizes are where you could win more. When you combine the coin value with the number of active paylines (usually 20), you start racking up costs.

Whenever we’ve looked up how to play slots tutorials, they recommend maxing out everything to win more. But, if you have a budget, this can ruin your experience before you even start.

Example: the cost of coins per line

Let’s say you took the $1 bet on a slot with 20 paylines, so your eventual bet per spin winds up as $20. If you only have $200 in your casino account, you can spin about 10 times and then quit if you don’t win enough back.

Meanwhile, if you play for $0.05 on 20 active paylines, you only pay $1 for each spin. With $0.50, you’ll be spending $10 per spin, and so on. So, coin sizes do matter, and playing with the maximum coins isn’t always advisable.

When to Bet the Maximum

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t bet max at all, but you should be careful about when you do. For example, standard slots will payout according to your bet size, but taking the maximum coins won’t consistently payout.

Plus, online casinos have limits on how you play to ensure that you don’t jump between denominations constantly. This will void any winnings, and they will reject a withdrawal if you do it enough.

But, you can take the max on progressive jackpot video slots, because that’s how you stand a chance to take the whole thing. Since the casino software provider pays it out, you also don’t need to stick to your usual bet size.

Bet Max

Payback Percentages

One other factor you should keep in mind is the return-to-player (RTP) percentage advertised for each slot. Higher payback percentages on slots mean a higher chance of winning. Most slots players just pick a game and go, but it pays to read reviews to find these statistics.

RTP percentages range between 80%-99% for many slot machines, but your best bet is any RTP percentage over 96%. Then, see if it’s a penny slot (0.01), nickel (0.05), or dime (0.10) because your stakes will need to match this. These are the smallest coin sizes for each casino game.

However, the percentage is not a guarantee that you will win back your money. So, be sure you can afford to play the slot and play max bets for a while.

Bet Max Slot Bonuses

If you’re worried about funds, we recommend looking at games that the casino offers with free spins. These are usually newer, so you’ll also get a better experience. Plus, if you have to meet the wagering requirements, it’s easier to do it on these games with free cash.

But, again, only take an amount you can afford to wager through multiple times. With that said, enjoy your gameplay and don’t force yourself to bet more than you’re comfortable with.