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Guide to Betting on Boxing

Online Sports Betting

Typically, when you think about betting in boxing, you think of betting on whoever you think will win the fight. However, there is a lot more options available to those who wish to bet on a boxing match outcome.

We’d like to believe that there’s more to betting in boxing than simply putting money down on someone. The success of each bet in boxing, as with all other sports, partially relies on doing your research beforehand. This involves gathering as much information about the contestants, their experiences and history. No bet is guaranteed in boxing, but betting in boxing becomes less of a gamble when you make informed choices.

One guideline to choosing the best possible candidate is assessing how well he/she has fared in the matches leading up to the one you would like to bet on. How does the candidate move and react to high pressure situations? Are they in control of the ring and do they show courage when fighting against someone bigger, or higher-ranked than themselves?

Another guideline involves looking at what’s been happening with the fighter in the run up to the match. Has he regularly attended training sessions? Is he leading a healthy lifestyle? Try tracing back on any recent activity that could affect his form during the fight.

Once you’ve considered these factors, you should have a clearer idea of who to place your money on. Remember to make this decision your own and try to not be influenced by media coverage and the opinions of others leading up to the fight.

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Betting Online

Once you’ve made your decision you’ll have to find a sportsbook where you can make your bet. Sportsbooks are companies that accept bets on sporting events like boxing. They also make the relevant payouts when you’ve won.

There’re many sportsbooks available today and you are free to choose whichever one you prefer. Here are a few examples of sportsbooks available to bettors:

  • Betonline – This sportsbook is one of the most respected in the industry. It built a reputation with its great welcome bonuses and refer-a-friend program. It boasts early lines and quick payouts.
  • LeoVegas – LeoVegas ranks high up on the list of reputable sports betting sites. They offer lines and odds on many of your favorite sporting events, boxing included. It offers a first deposit bonus and has a VIP program for all its frequent and loyal customers.
  • 22Bet – 22Bet has a wide range of games you can bet on and has an easy to use interface. The site also offers around the clock support and quick withdrawal methods.
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6 Ways to Bet in Boxing

  • Moneyline Bets

This betting option is pretty straightforward and requires that you pick a winner either at random, or based on careful consideration using the guidelines we discussed earlier. Here you will win money regardless of how your player has won. If they win by knockout, technical or unanimous decisions or disqualification, you will get paid out.

  • Fight to Go the Distance

The next strategy would be to bet on whether you think the fight will go the distance. With this bet, you decide at which point you think the fight will end. This can be as simple as a yes or no on whether you think the fight will last all 12 rounds, or if it’ll end in a knockout.

  • Method of Victory Bet

Here you are betting on what you think the outcome will be. This bet requires more specifics than the other types of betting in boxing. An example would be specifying who you think will win the fight and how that person will win the fight.

For example, betting on John Cage to win by means of unanimous decision. There are different odds tied to each fighter so its useful to consider the odds before placing specific bets.

  • Total Rounds Bet

This is a form of round betting where you bet on whether you think the fight will go past a certain number of rounds, or end before a certain number of rounds. The number of rounds are categorized and there are odds tied to each category. Some categories will offer better odds than others.

  • Round Betting

This is one of the riskier forms of betting in boxing. Here you are picking a fighter as well as the exact round you think he is going to win in. For example, Gregory Cloak to win in round 4.

  • Round Group Betting

Round group betting is a lot more flexible and less risky than round betting. Here you are simply indicating that one of the participants is going to get knocked out in a specific round. For example, Mark Backster will get knocked out in round 3, and then betting on round 3 as the final round of the match.

To make betting in boxing even more interesting, only choose to bet on fights you are actually interested in with fighters that you enjoy watching.

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