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Top Alabama Gambling Guide 2023

Alabama Gambling Industry

Alabama is a well-known state, and is also known by other names like the Yellowhammer State and Cotton State. The Alabama gambling industry is very regulated, as is the gambling industry in any other state. It is one of six states that do not have a national lottery and also prohibits bingo games unless they are held for charity. Players who would like to buy lottery tickets for interstate drawings, however, are allowed to visit Georgia, Tennessee, or Florida lotteries to do so.

The state currently bans most forms of gambling both online and traditionally with the exception of a few. However, many players have enjoyed online gaming for quite a while thanks to a number of offshore casino sites that exist outside of Alabama’s borders. Casinos in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida are the closest geographically.

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List of Alabama Casinos

There are only three fully operational casinos in Alabama today. We’ve listed the names of these casinos, their locations, and a rough estimate of the number of gaming machines available on the property.

Casino Location Machine Capacity
Wind Creek Wetumpka Wetumpka 2,520
Wind Creek Atmore Atmore 2,500
Centre Stage Alabama Cottonwood 600
Wind Creek Montgomery Montgomery 2,220


Wind Creek Atmore is 57,000 square-foot building that houses over 1,600 games. Here are some of the titles in its collection:

  • Triple Stars
  • Wild Wild Gems
  • Egyptian Goddess
  • Wild and Free
  • Double Diamond Strike
  • Triple Red Hot 7’s

Wind Creek Wetumpka measures slightly bigger at 80,000 square feet and has over 2,500 games open to players. Some of the games on offer include:

  • Money in the Bank
  • Quick Hit
  • So Hot
  • Star of Phoenix

The next casino, Wind Creek Montgomery, has a 65,000 square-foot gaming floor and currently has 2,200 game titles available. Some of these games include:

  • Conga Party
  • Geckos Gone Wild
  • Monkey in the Bank
  • Quick Hit
  • So Hot
Alabama Gambling US


Alabama Gambling Laws

Alabama gambling laws are specific to the various gaming and betting opportunities. Let’s consider race betting and bingo games in Alabama as an example.

Racing is allowed in cities with a population of 300,000 people or more. On the other hand, sports betting is only permitted on greyhounds and horse races. Wagers can be made on live races, at off-track betting facilities as well as online.

Bingo games are legal in Alabama, but all profits generated must go to charity. The law regarding the legality of video bingo is still unclear but many deem it lawful. Video bingo machines mimic slot machines.

The only difference is that these display symbols based on a bingo drawing as opposed to regular slot game symbols. Video bingo is also considered legal by law and there are three tribal casinos in Alabama that currently operate such devices.

As far as funding benefits go, the state does not receive any kind of benefit from the money collected by gambling. The tax money collected from racing is usually geared towards funding the commission that regulates it. The money made from bingo games obviously go to the charities it was meant for.

By law, the minimum age for Alabama gambling is 19 years old. This is different from the general 18-year-old limit at most casinos worldwide.

Alabama Gambling History

Alabama gambling history dates back to the start of the 1900’s when all forms of gambling were first banned by the constitution of the state. Seventy years later, pari-mutuel betting for dog and horse races was made lawful by the Alabama Supreme Court. One of the reasons behind this was because the outcome of these events depends on the animals’ skill and not luck.

Nearly a decade later, in 1980, bingo games held for charity were made legal in Jefferson County. The state’s constitution was amended to include this new law. Under this law, charitable bingo operations are not allowed to offer prize money over the value of $7,500 dollars a week.

If it does, players are only given that amount while the rest of the money must go to the charity. It can also be used to cover costs. The law also states that all operations can only run for two sittings a week and must only be five hours long.

Shortly after that, in 1984, the first horse race tracks were built and the act of betting on horse race outcomes was approved. There are no horse racing facilities in modern Alabama. 1988 was a very special year for Alabama gambling because this was when the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was first passed which allowed for the development of casinos on Native American land.

The latest Alabama gambling history record we have dates back to 2013 when a lawsuit was filed in an attempt to close the three casinos that are run by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. This lawsuit fortunately was never successful as all three casinos are still standing and fully operational today.

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Alabama Gambling Overview

The future of Alabama gaming is not the most promising. Horse and dog tracks are allowed in the state but the purpose is defeated as few cities in Alabama have enough residents to qualify. Over and above that, many residents have lost interest in this type of gambling along the way.

The lottery is one gambling subject that has been debated back and forth in Alabama for many years now. State lotteries are generally very lucrative and can significantly boost the states economy, but this seemingly isn’t reason enough for states to openly allow it.

All tribal casinos in the state are currently only host bingo-type games, but even this might come to an end as there have been attempts to shut these casinos down.

Fortunately, online gambling in offshore casinos has not been taken off the table completely. Players are still able to enjoy their favorite casino games, participate in sports or race betting, and play bingo games to win some money.

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