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There are increasing reports that sports bettors who find themselves winning more often than the average player, are being banned from placing bets in the USA. As sports betting is legalized in more states across the USA, there is a concern among some people that this practice could start increasing.

Sports bettors banned for winning too much, says report

A report has come out claiming that sports bettors who win too much could be banned by sports books in Nevada.

Sports Bettors Claim William Hill bans for Winning Too Much

A report by ESPN spoke to numerous gamblers who have claimed that William Hill in Nevada had banned them. The gamblers claimed that the ban was as a result of them winning too much, and nothing more. In addition, some of those reporting they had been banned also claimed that William Hill banned them in New Jersey as well. According to state laws in Nevada, casinos and sportsbooks are free to ban players and are not required to provide any reason for the ban.

An attorney stated that casinos are private institutions and are free to ban someone from their premises if they no longer wish to do business with said person. When it comes to bans, the reasons are normally because a player has been too loud or unruly, for trying to cheat, or sometimes because they win too much. It is true that a very small number of sports bettors are banned, but some worry that the number could increase dramatically as more states legalize sports betting.

Laws Surrounding Banning Different in Nevada & New Jersey

The bettors who claimed they have been banned for winning have also said that William Hill is the most notorious sportsbook for banning excessive winners. However, the firm denied these allegations and said that any player who claimed they had been banned for winning too much, was not telling the whole story. William Hill said it typically bans players for a number of reasons, including sharing their accounts or betting on behalf of others.

As mentioned, Nevada does not require its casinos or sportsbooks to provide a reason for banning someone. However, it is different in New Jersey. The laws around sports betting state that a player cannot be banned simply because of their winnings or how well they play. Unfortunately, other states who have legalized sports betting have followed in the footsteps of Nevada.