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What is the Best Time of Day to Gamble in a Casino?

If you’re an avid gambler, you probably know that there are many myths and beliefs, especially regarding casino games. One of the most popular beliefs revolves around what time you choose to visit a casino.

Supposedly, the time at which you visit a casino impacts your success at the game. Apparently, this is particularly true with slot games. With this idea having gained a lot of traction in recent years, we decided to investigate whether there is a “best time” of day to visit a casino.

The Myth

So, the myth says that the best time of day to gamble is the late hours of the evening or early morning hours on a Saturday or Sunday.

best time to visit a casino

The idea behind this is that a load of people will have come in and gone through the casino doors. Thus, slot games that have not paid out a jackpot are slightly closer to doing so because all of the unsuccessful spins have been eliminated.

However, it is dangerous to think this way because you assume that a game has a timer. And, this is not how slots work.

Slots (and all forms of online casino games) use random number generators. Thus, your success is not pre-determined by the machine. There is no “a player wins for every 100 spins” deal on these games.

Both you and the player before you have the same chance of winning. There have been games that have paid out twice on the same day. This is because the random number algorithm spits out the same number twice – not because the players did anything to the game.

As for table games, dealers or the casino will not decide you should win a game just because you decided to visit in the evening. The odds remain the same regardless of whether you visit the casino during “regular hours” or obscene times.

This myth is not affected in any way by whether you play at an online casino or land-based establishment.

The Best Time of Day to Gamble is Anytime

best time to gamble online

With the above in mind, the best time of day to gamble is anytime you feel like gambling. If you feel like gambling at 4:00 am when most people are probably sleeping, visit the casino at that time.

The only recommendation we have for you is that you don’t visit the casino in a compromised state of mind. For example, don’t go to the casino to end off a drunken bender as you could find yourself making decisions you will regret the next day.

With those words of wisdom aside, always remember that your odds are always the same whether you visit the casino in the morning, noon, or evening. Some people may try to convince you otherwise, but those people need to get help for problem gambling.

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