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Another payout method available to players is using checks to withdraw your winnings. Checks are a fairly common withdrawal options and should be available at a good number of casino sites. There are some drawbacks to using checks, though, but they are a reliable payout methods you can use. Casinos will typically offer two different methods for receiving your checks, either via courier or via regular mail.

Casinos Accepting Check Withdrawals

Check Withdrawal Amounts

Withdrawal amounts can get a little confusing when it comes to checks. Most of the casinos we have seen have different minimum withdrawal amounts depending on if you’re choosing check via courier, or check via mail. Checks via mail have a lower minimum withdrawal amount, typically between $100 and $150, in line with other payout options. Checks via courier have a higher minimum withdrawal amount from what we have seen, sitting at around $400.

As for the maximum withdrawal limit, again, it is different between the two check options. If you choose check via mail, the limit is generally around $400, while checks via courier will have the same maximum withdrawal amount as other payout options, between $2000 and $2500. The reason for this is that if you are withdrawing over $400, casinos want to use couriers, but if it is less than $400, regular mail is fine.

Check Withdrawal Time

This is where checks perhaps don’t fair as well as some other deposit methods. Generally speaking, the withdrawal processing time for checks is the same as any other payout method. This means your withdrawal request should be processed within five to seven business days. However, then the check still needs to be sent to you via regular mail or courier. This could add a significant amount of time until you receive the check. Finally, once you receive the check, you still need to deposit it into our account and wait for it to clear. So, this is probably the slowest withdrawal method available to players.

Check Withdrawal Fees

As with other payout methods, players will not be subject to any withdrawal fees from the casino. It is also unlikely you will be charged any fees from your bank.

Check Withdrawal Conclusions

Overall, check withdrawals are a decent option for players, but wouldn’t be our first pick. The main issue is the wait time after the check is dispatched from the casino. It could take as long a month to finally get your winnings into your account. This is once you take postage time and the time it takes to clear the check once it is in your account. But, besides the longer wait times, it is still a good option.