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Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is one of the most popular payout methods available at casino sites. Almost all online gambling sites offer some form of wire transfer for withdrawals. Casinos may call them by different names, but a wire transfer is almost always available for withdrawals. Find out some of the pros and cons to using this payout method here, as well as the best casino sites that permit wire transfer withdrawals.

Casinos Accepting Wire Transfer Withdrawals

Wire Transfer Withdrawal Amounts

The withdrawal amounts when it comes to Wire transfers tend to be similar to all other payout options on offer. This means that generally, the minimum withdrawal amount is between $100 – $150, while the maximum withdrawal amount tends to be around $2000 – $2500 per week. However, it is vitally important that players check their chosen casino and make sure they are aware of the exact amounts for their withdrawals.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal Time

The payout time for wire transfers isn’t the fastest around, but it isn’t really slower than most other withdrawal options. Most casinos will advise that a wire transfer should take between five and seven business days to clear. This s generally on par with other withdrawal options. But make sure you check your chosen casino to check the payout time double your casino claims.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal Fees

As with most other withdrawal methods, the player will not be charged any fees by the casino for withdrawing with wire transfers. However, the casino cannot be held responsible if fees are charged by banking institutions. As always, be sure to check with your chosen casino to make sure our casino will not charge any fees for withdrawals.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal Conclusions

Wire transfers are a great way to withdraw your winnings from a casino site. It offers very good minimum and maximum payout limits, is available at almost all casino sites, and has relatively quick payout times. The biggest drawback is that our payout may take a little longer than some other payout options, but this is hardly the end of the world.