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Top Live Dealer FAQs 2021

us-live-dealer-faqsGet all your popular Live Dealer FAQs answered here, with Casino US. Even at the casinos that offer live dealer games, some players feel intimidated by the prospect of playing in real time with a dealer and possibly other players witnessing their every move.

The fact is, playing at a live dealer casino is not as conspicuous as you may think. For one, the dealer does not see you. If there are other players, they too do not see you. Live gambling is a perfect balance of the relaxed solitude of playing alone online with the fun of human interaction.

We have compiled a concise guide to answer frequently asked questions about live dealer gaming. We explain what live dealer games are and address what games you are likely to find at live dealer casinos. Additionally, we listed the top casino sites with live casino games.

Play Live Dealer Games


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97% Payout

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What Are Live Dealer Games?

Live dealer games are casino games played in real time with an actual human dealer who facilitates the game via live streaming. Instead of playing through a computerised random number generator, for instance, a live roulette game will have a dealer to physically spin the wheel while participating players watch.


Does Bovada Have Live Dealers?

Yes, Bovada has live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Furthermore, it also does not hurt that these tables come with very attractive dealers. In total they have 19 live dealer tables which include:

  • Blackjack early payout and 12 other Blackjack tables.
  • Live roulette – American and European roulette.
  • Four baccarat tables; two of which are Super 6 baccarat games.

Can I Play Live Casino in Demo Mode?

Not all casinos offer demo live dealer games. That is because live dealer games generally cost the casino more to facilitate. However, there are a few casinos which will offer demo live dealer games. If the casino you prefer does not have a live option for free play, you can try out the demo of the normal online casino game to get practice before playing a live game.

What Live Casino Games can I Play?

Firstly, you can play whatever the games are available in the live dealer casino selection. Also, choose a game you are familiar with, which you can play with ease. This is because betting happens in real time, there is no time to hesitate and be unsure. Below are the top three most popular live games casinos:

  1. Roulette and all variations
  2. Blackjack
  3. Baccarat with its variations

What is the Best Time to Play at Live Casino?

The best time to play at a casino is when you have the time and it’s comfortably convenient for you. If the live casino has live gambling around the clock you can play at any time. There is a myth that playing at specific times gives you a player edge, which is not true. Casino gaming live or other wise is mostly random and based mostly on luck.

Can I Chat with Live Dealers?

Yes, you can. This is what makes live dealer casinos so appealing to players – the human interaction aspect. Players can communicate with the live dealer vocally or via text in the live chat box.

The dealer does not see the players even though the players can see the dealer. It’s somewhat like a live one-way mirror. 

How Many Tables can I Play at a Time?

In a live casino you are not restricted in terms of how many tables you can play at. However, it is important to remember that these games are happening in real time and you have to pay attention and wait for your turn to bet. Especially with games like blackjack, where you have to make plays and bets at various stages of the game.

Live casino games have a specific and limited betting time and if you miss that because you are distracted then you are at risk of losing your seat. It is advisable to focus on just one table unless you can multitask extremely well.

What if the Stream Connection was Lost?

In the event of losing your connection while playing a live game, most casinos will store your game information and bets that you had already placed. If you had not yet placed any bets you may lose your seat at the table. However, it’s standard that for all games at a casino any incomplete bets remain active for a stipulated period until the player is back online.

After that period is passed, all bets are then inactive and cannot be reclaimed. Each live casino has varying times and terms for disconnection during games. Take your time to understand your chosen casino’s policy on the issue.

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