Free spin bonuses can be defined as anytime an American online casino gives its players free spins, to be used at top online slots. This is normally done to reward the player for doing something, such as making a deposit. Free spins have become very popular with online gamblers from the U.S. and players tend to flock to any online gambling site that offers them. In most cases, free spin bonuses form part of the welcome bonus or sign-up bonus. This is where players will be given a certain number of free spins after they have created their account and started making their first deposits.

Free Spin bonuses online casinos USA

Free Spin Bonus Casinos USA

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When can you get a free spin bonus?

As we mentioned, the most common place to get a free spins bonus is as part of an American casino’s welcome bonus. The casino will give players a set number of free spins when they make their first deposit. The casino may even give additional spins on a player’s second and sometimes third deposit. Players could land up with as many as 100 free spins from their welcome bonus alone. These free spins will normally be restricted to a single slot game or a selection of online slots. It’s unlikely that a player will be able to use these free spins with any slot at the casino.

It’s not only new players who can claim them though. Promotions that are run for existing American gamblers will often offer them for making a deposit.

No Deposit, Free Spin Bonus

No deposit bonuses have always been very popular with American online gamblers. After all, who doesn’t like being given something for free? In the past, no deposit bonuses would have seen players being given a small amount of money, around $10 or so.

These days though, no deposit bonuses often give out free spins instead. They’re a lot rarer, so don’t expect to find all American online casinos giving no deposit bonuses. But, when you do find one, you’ll probably see it giving away a small number of free spins.

Top American Free Spins

Free Spins Not Useless

Some people like to spread myths and have claimed that free spin bonuses are useless and players are not going to win anything. This is largely true because slot games have a large house edge and they’re based on luck. It can often be easy to go through 20 spins or more without winning anything, free spin or not. To top it all off, these bonuses often come with certain wagering requirements.

However, there was a 20-year-old man in Norway who will tell you that they’re most definitely not useless. He was using free spins to play a progressive jackpot slot one evening and landed up winning the jackpot, which was sitting at a staggering $10 million+.

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