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Top Craps tips to Play Like a Pro

Looking for the very best Craps tips to help you roll the dice like a pro? Then you’ve come to the right place! Casino US has come up with a list of our top tips for playing craps that will help even the newest player get a handle on this thrilling casino game.

While not as popular with the masses as Blackjack, Roulette, or Slots, there isn’t a game quite as exciting as Craps. So, it would be a shame to overlook it just because you are unfamiliar with the game or intimidated by it.

You’ll never hear quite as much excitement coming from another game at the casino. But, the craps table is a confusing place for new players, who are put off by the number of different bets you can make. The good news is that with our Craps tips page, you’ll be at the table screaming with excitement as you roll the dice and win!

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best tips for playing craps

Craps Tips – Get to Know the Game

Many experienced Craps players see two different games when they look at Craps. They see a great game with smart bets, as well as a terrible game with horrible bets. It’s up to the player to decide which version they want to play. Many casual players land up playing a combination of the two.

However, if you’re looking to take your wins seriously when playing Craps, it is wise to stay away from the bad bets and use our Craps tips to guide you to the smart betting options. Now yes, there are many stories out there of someone placing a terrible bet, getting lucky, and walking away with a huge win. But these stories are the exception, definitely not the rule. Also remember, no craps strategy can guarantee you will win.

Generally speaking, Craps players can be divided into two groups. The first group is the players who bet with the dice and bet against 7. Then we have those players who bet for 7 and against the dice. It is estimated that over 90% of players bet with the dice, but you can decide how you want to do it.

As with most casino games, our advice is always to try stick to the bests with the lowest house edge, as these give you the best chance of winning and minimizing your losses. These are the bets we recommend to all players in the game of craps.

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Best Craps Tips

When it comes to the game of Craps, there is nothing the player can really do but place their bet and wait for the roll of the dice. So, our Craps tips are centred around which bets you should make. These are the smart bets with a low house edge.

Betting on anything else is likely to see you losing money. It’s ok to try place a small number of different bets if you’re having a good game and want to try your luck. But don’t place too many our all of your winnings will quickly disappear. Below are all of our suggested Craps tips that new players should consider placing.

Tip 1 – The Pass Line Bet

This is perhaps one of the first bets any new player should consider. It offers one of the lowest house edges in Craps, at just 1.41%. This is one of the bets that is classified as betting with the dice.

Tip 2 – Come Bet

The Come Bet is another low house advantage option, also with a house edge of 1.41%. This makes it ideal for those players who want frequent wins, even if they aren’t the largest wins around.

Tip 3 – Don’t Pass Bet

The house edge for the Don’t Pass bet is around 1.4%, although some gamblers say it is 1.36%. This bet is essentially betting against the players who placed a Pass Line Bet, and as a result, many Craps players won’t place it.

Tip 4 – Don’t Come Bet

This is another bet where you’re betting against other players, in this case, betting against those who placed the Come Bet. The house edge is still low, though, at 1.4%.

Tip 5 – The Odds Bet

Want a bet where the house edge is zero? The odds bet is what you’re looking for. There is a slight catch, though, as this cannot be your first bet in the game. The odds bet can only be placed after one of the first four bets listed above, and the first round has been played.

Tip 6 – Place 6 or Place 8

These two place bets are not quite as good as the first four bets we spoke about, but with a house edge of just 1.52%, they’re certainly not bad at all. They are also placed in the round of betting that follows the first bets and roll of the dice.

Some casinos require Place bets to have bets made in $6 increments until the player reaches $20. Then they can start betting in $3 increments. Essentially, you are betting that a 6 and/or 8 will come up before a 7.

Tip 7 – No 6 and/or No 8

These bets are the opposite of the bets in tip 6. Also known as the Don’t 6 and Don’t 8, you are betting a 7 will come up before a 6 or an 8. The house edge is still under 2%, sitting at 1.82%. This is not a very popular bet, as most players don’t like betting against other gamblers.

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Other Craps Tips

Now that you know our best craps betting tips, we have a few more general tips applying to your game of craps. These should all help make sure you have the best possible gambling experience while playing Craps, whether online or at a land-based casino.

  • Budget your money – It’s easy to get sucked into the excitement of a casino game. But this can lead to people making mistakes and losing too much money. Before any gambling session, we strongly recommend setting a budget. If you lose your budget, step away. Do not deposit more funds!
  • Play with a Clear Head – Stay away from alcohol when gambling. Drinking will only increase your risk of making poor decisions, and you risk making bad bets and losing money.
  • Play for Free – Online casinos allow players to try numerous casino games for free. If you’re new to Craps, play it for free before you risk any real money wagers. Only place real bets when you are comfortable with the game.
  • Budget your time – Just as with budgeting your money, don’t spend too much time gambling. Set yourself a limit, and when your time is up, walk away.

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