Find the best online baccarat casinos in the USA at Casino US. Baccarat is a gambling card game, similar to Blackjack, where players try and get their hand of two or three cards as close to the value of nine as possible. Online baccarat is a casino classic that is still alive and kicking in 2019 in the United States. Many American players all over Vegas and Atlantic City know the game from the beloved movie franchise James Bond. This game was made famous in the 1967 film Casino Royale, where the plot of the movie centers on a game of baccarat. There are many other Bond movies which feature baccarat, some of which include; Dr.No, Golden Eye, Thunderball and many more. These movies boosted the game’s reputation, but also resulted in many players believing that baccarat was only played by the high rollers, which made it seem complicated. Luckily those beliefs are falling away, and with the help of our handy guide, you could rival the fantastic Mr.Bond.

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    Image of people playing cards in black and white USA

    Many American players will argue between Italy and France as the birthplace of baccarat. The Italian version of events suggests that the game began in the 1480’s and was played using tarot cards. The name baccarat comes from the slang word zero in Italian. It was then introduced to the French in the 1500’s and was known as Chemin de Fer, translated as railroad. The game underwent a few changes and became close to the game we know today. Baccarat became popular among the French aristocracy as they indulged in games during their hours of leisure. The game was banned in 1830 and was only legalized in the 1920’s. The game was then brought to America as Punto Banco from Cuba and became known as American baccarat, due to the slight change in rules. It was introduced as a main feature in the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, and in the 1990’s, made its presence online.


    There are three main versions of baccarat; Punto Banco, Chemmy, and Banque. Punto Banco, also known as American baccarat, is the most popular version of the casino game in America and is based purely on luck. The other two versions, however, do require the player to make some decisions, so a bit of skill is required. This guide we will focus on the general rules, tips and strategies of online baccarat, to help our readers when they play at a casino online. But before we get into that, let’s go over how the game is played first.


    Image of a player and banker tab baccarat USA

    The game begins with the player betting if either the banker wins, the player wins or that the game will be a tie. Once the bets have been placed, the dealer will hand two cards to the player, and two to the banker. These cards will be placed face up. The aim of the game is to get as close to 9 as possible. The rules of standing and drawing are a bit different for the player and the banker. Let’s go over the rules for the player first:

    • if the player’s total is between 0 and 5 he/she will draw a third card
    • if the player’s total is 6 or 7 he/she will stand

    The game’s slight complication sets in with the rules for the banker, as it depends on the third card of the player.

    If the player’s third card is a:

    • 9, 10 , face card or an Ace, the banker draws if he/she has a total of 0-3, and stands on a 4-7
    • 8 the banker draws if he/she has a 0-2, and stands on a 3-7
    • 6 or 7 the banker draws when he/she has a 0-6, and stands on a 7
    • 4 or 5 the banker draws when he/she has a 0-5, and stands on a 6-7
    • 2 or 3 the banker draws on a 0-4, and stands on a 5-7

    The following rules apply to both the player and the banker:

    • if the sum total of the banker or the player’s cards is a double digit number, the second digit is used
    • if either the banker or the player has an 8 or 9 it is a ‘natural win,’ and the game is over

    The cards are ranked as follows:

    • face cards: King, Queen, Jack and 10 are worth 0
    • aces: are worth 1 point
    • numbered cards: keep their face value

    Learn more on how to play the game of Baccarat here.


    Image of cards 10 and 9 with player wins tab USA

    • The lowest value of a hand is 0.
    • The highest value of a hand is 9.
    • If the value of a hand exceeds 9 only the second digit of the value will be considered. For example, if the hand is 16, the actual value is 6.
    • If an 8 or a 9 is dealt it is known as a ‘natural hand’ and the game is over.
    • The player’s hand is dealt first.


    Image of a red online baccarat table America

    There are many versions of online baccarat available to American casino players. We recommend trying them all to see which one you like best. Some of the most common online baccarat versions in the US are:

    • 2 to 1 Baccarat
    • 7 Up Baccarat
    • Asian Stud
    • Baccarat Gold
    • Lucky Draw Baccarat
    • Super Pan 9


    Image of cards with red success text United States

    • Make sure that you know and understand the rules of the game.
    • Make sure that you know and understand the different bets that can be made.
    • The riskiest bet to make is to bet on a tie, as it is quite rare.
    • Always look at the cards before making a decision.
    • Check the odds and the payout before you start playing so you know exactly what your chances are.
    • Set a bankroll amount and stick to it.
    • Work out the amount of profit you would be happy with, based on your bankroll, so that you will not be too tempted to keep playing, and will be able to ‘quit while you are ahead.’
    • The games with the smallest number of decks have the best chances of winning.



    • If you feel a little intimidated by the land-based baccarat tables, free versions of online baccarat gives you the perfect opportunity to play worry free and is a great way to practise.
    • Playing baccarat online allows you to concentrate on the game without having the noisy background of a casino environment. This will keep you relaxed and help you to make better decisions.
    • Online baccarat allows you to play at smaller stakes, with less money, which is why it is a great place to learn and make money.
    • If you do miss the commotion of the casino floor, many online casinos have a live dealer option which you can play from the comfort of your home. This option allows you to stream a live baccarat game with a real dealer. The process is similar to online baccarat and even allows you to chat with the players and the dealer using a live text chat option.
    • You do not have to wait to play baccarat as mobile baccarat allows you to play your favourite game anywhere, anytime.


    Image of a white keyboard with magnifying glass button America

    Banker bet

    To wager that the banker will win the round


    An action in which the first few cards taken out of the shoe is not used in the game to prevent cheating


    An amount of money taken from the player if he/she bet on the banker, and the banker wins


    To take more cards

    Mini baccarat

    A version of the game with smaller tables and lower stakes

    Natural eight

    When the total value of a hand is 8

    Natural nine

    When the total value of the hand is 9, it is a winning hand and is known as baccarat

    Player bet

    To wager that the player will win the round


    To stay with the cards you have


    A container that is used to hold the cards during the game

    Tie bet

    To wager that the game will be a tie (also known as a stand-off)


    Image of a red button with white question mark

    Do I always have to bet on my own hand?
    Is there a payout difference if I bet on the player or the banker?
    What is a ‘shoe’ in baccarat?
    I have heard baccarat is similar to blackjack, are the card values the same for both games?
    What is a winning hand in baccarat?

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