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Blackjack Tournaments for Players in 2020

play blackjack tournaments onlineBlackjack tournaments are similar to the traditional blackjack game except instead of playing against the dealer you are playing against other players. What’s more, you will be playing to win a prize pool which is different how you win when playing land-based or online blackjack.

As we said, the rules of blackjack tournaments don’t change even the objective of the game does not change, which means that you will still be playing to get a hand that is close to 21. In our blackjack tournaments guide, we will be talking about the types of tournaments and strategy for playing. In addition, we have listed the best blackjack casinos where you can play blackjack and its tournaments.

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What are the Blackjack Tournaments?

Blackjack tournaments are gambling events that can be hosted at a land-based or online. The event is held with multiple players and can also be held over several days. You will have to sign up to be part of the tournament.

Also, you will have to pay to be part of the tourney. However, there are free blackjack tournaments, but they are very few. There are also different kinds of blackjack tourneys that you can be part of, choose the right one for you.

Casino Blackjack & Tournament Blackjack Differences

As we have mentioned, blackjack tournaments are similar to the classic blackjack in play. However, there are also some differences that you will have to know if you are interested in taking part. See the differences we have listed below:

Casino BlackjackTournament Blackjack
You play against the dealerYou will play against other players
Big wins are rareYour aim is to have the most chips at the end of the game and not money.
Your goal is to win moneyThe pot prizes are usually large and can get as high as six figures
You never want the dealer to winSometimes you can hope that the dealer wins
It is best to use the basic blackjack strategyIt is not important to know the basic blackjack strategy but you will use it occasionally
If you know how to count cards you can lower the house edgeYour only edge is to play better than the other gamblers
There is no determined losing for each sessionLosing is limited to the amount you used to enter the tournament
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Types of Blackjack Tournaments

Here are the various kinds of blackjack tourneys that you can be part of with the hopes of winning that prize pot.

  • Traditional Elimination Tournaments – One of the popular types of tourneys. You will play against other players and advance to the next round and players who have listed will be eliminated. In some instances, you can re-buy in to play.
  • Non-Elimination Tournaments – The aim is to win the chips after playing multiple rounds against all the players who entered the tourney. There is usually a leader board to keep track of who is ahead.
  • Elimination Tournaments – If you are after the 8th, 16th, 25th, and 30th with your chips count, you will be eliminated from the tourney.
  • Live Blackjack Tourneys – you will be required to buy chips to start playing. The chips will have real money value. So, you will be risking your own money in the tournament.
  • Major Blackjack Tournaments – this applies to land-based casinos, and they are held over the weekends. They also last from one to two days and have large pot prizes which attract a lot of players.
  • Mini Blackjack Tourneys – Also applicable to land-based casinos and are held weekly. The entry fee and cash prize will be “mini’ as well. The cash prize never exceeds $2000.
  • Sit ‘n Go Blackjack Tournaments – They only start when six players want to take part in the tourney. Online sites mostly host them.
  • Freeroll Tournaments – You will not be required to pay an entry fee to take part. However, the cash prize will not be as large as the regular tournaments. They are mostly hosted for current players at the casino, whether online or at a land-based casino.
  • Satellite Tournaments – no real money prizes are offered to winners for taking part. They are more suited for players who enjoy playing blackjack.

Blackjack Tournament Rules

The rules are different for each tournament but not very much. There will be 20-30 hands of blackjack dealt for each round. The top two players will move to the next round if they have the most chips. All players will have the same amount of chips to start with, and then you can decide how much risk you want to take.

If you move up the levels, the formats of playing may be switched where one player will continue playing. Sometimes it will be a two-player or a full table of players for the final round.

Blackjack Tourneys Strategy

Even though you will be playing against other players, it is still reasonable to use a strategy. In this way, you will be able to advance and hopefully win the tournament. However, since you will be playing to have the most chips at each of the game ultimately, you might overlook using some of the known basic strategies such as doubling down on a hard 16.

But you can consider doubling down if it is the last hand. If you have already secured your place in the next round then, you don’t have to double down on 11 when the dealer has a six.

Tips for Playing Blackjack Tourneys

You have to know the rules and the strategy of playing blackjack. However, there are other things you will have to keep in mind when playing. See below for some of the best blackjack tournament tips.

  • Check other player’s chips to track how many they have
  • Judge when it is suitable to bet maximum or minimum
  • Know when not to use the basic blackjack strategy
  • Prizes are awarded according to a fixed payout
  • Know when to bet the same amount as the opponent
  • Recognize when you can be able to prevent a player from advancing

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