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Common Blackjack Myths Explained 2020

top blackjack myths onlineOver the years, there have been many blackjack myths that have done the rounds both in land-based casinos and online. Basically, some players believe that there are certain events or situations that will hurt your chances at winning. But, more often than not, these beliefs are just another form of gambler’s fallacy. Seasoned players will know that certain situations are less likely of happening if it has already happened or some other factor is present that will supposedly automatically result in favorable results not taking place.

Some of the weird myths surrounding blackjack tables are so ridiculous that many players will find it hard to believe them. In fact, some of them may even hurt your blackjack strategy if you follow them ardently. Below we have a look at blackjack myths and why you should avoid following them. So, read on and learn if your strategy is filled with false beliefs and the experience blackjack at top online casinos.

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Biggest Blackjack Myths to Avoid

Below are some of the most popular blackjack myths circulating both the internet and land-based casinos. We recommend that players pay no mind to any of these supposed “tips”:

Sitting Next to a Bad Blackjack Player Hurts Your Game

Supposedly, bad players throw off the rhythm of the table by making ill-thought-out decisions. This includes hitting when they should have stayed and vice-versa.

In actual fact, these players really have no effect on the casino game. If you are able to work out the mathematical rhythm of the game, you should be able to deduce what effects their actions may have on the game. This leads us to our next point…

Card Counting is Illegal

This is absolutely untrue. While casinos may not like players who count cards, it is not illegal to make use of this strategy. In fact, many consider it to be one of the most useful blackjack strategies as you reduce the house edge by as much as 2%

You Need to Get 21 to Win

This is a lie. All you need to do to win a blackjack game is get a better score than the dealer. This may entail you getting a score of 17 and the dealer going bust. You don’t need to have a score of 21 to win, just get close to 21 and beat the dealer.

Always Take Insurance

Many “professional” blackjack tipsters like to recommend that players take insurance if a dealer’s face up card is an ace. This is generally out of fear that the dealer has a blackjack hand. However, it is suggested that this is only ever true 30% of the time. By constantly taking the insurance option, you are just gifting the casino money.

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Why You Should Avoid Following Blackjack Myths

Well, the biggest reason you shouldn’t believe in blackjack myths is that you give life to the belief that gambling is not random. This can be very dangerous as it leads you to many players believing that they in some way have control over results in games. Not only is this not entirely possible, but this could also lead players to spending more in the hope of winning in the next round. You are never due a win.

We won’t deny that it is possible to predict future results with an electronic gambling game if you have cracked the algorithm it uses to generate its results. However, none of the fallacies listed above really have any chance in helping you perform better in blackjack. In fact, if you consistently follow some of the myths listed above, you could land up making sure that your play sessions are shorter than could be.

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