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How to Play Baccarat 2023

Learn how to play Baccarat with Casino US. Baccarat is a popular game amongst gamblers because it is easy to play for high stakes. There are three different styles of Baccarat, namely Chemin de Fleur, Banque, and Punto Banco also known as American Baccarat.
In most casino games, you will play punto banco. We’ve created a how-to-play guide for our readers so you can learn exactly how to play Baccarat online. Sign up at the best US online casinos today and put your new Baccarat skills to the test!

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Baccarat game rules

how to play baccarat

The aim of the online Baccarat game is to have two cards that add up to 9, or closer to 9 than the person you are playing against. The starting value of your hand is 0, and the highest value you can achieve is 9. Be careful with your draws, if you draw and your total goes up to double digits, the second number is your new total. However, if you get a total of 8 or 9, you get a “natural win”, and the game ends.


In Baccarat, you don’t need a lot of skill to play, although the other two versions require some strategy and knowledge of the game to decide when you will stand or draw. Be sure to try online Baccarat at the best casinos.

How to Play Baccarat

Step 1 place your bet

There are only two hands dealt in Baccarat, the player and the banker. First things first, you have to bet (as the player), on whether or not you’ll win. You can bet in Baccarat on whether:

  • The casino Baccarat banker will win
  • The player will win
  • If there will be a draw. While the payout is great if there is a draw, we wouldn’t recommend it as draws are very rare in Baccarat.

The player is always dealt first, and banker may not bet on the outcome of the game. Though some games don’t require that you pick a role, all you need to do is bet.

Step 2 starting hand

You will be dealt two cards, face up, and then the banker’s hand will be dealt. You can draw another if your total is below 5. If it’s higher than 5, you can stand and wait for the banker to draw. The King, Queen, and Jack count for a value of 0. The Ace card has a total of 1, while numbered cards keep their face value.

Step 3 Baccarat second draw

The rules for the casino Baccarat banker depend on the value of the player’s cards. Such as when the casino Baccarat player’s third card is:

  • A 9, a 10 or an ace card, the Baccarat Banker draws if their total value is anywhere from 0 to 3 if the Baccarat  Banker has a total value of 4 to 7, they can stand
  • An 8, the banker must draw if their value is 0 to 2; or stand if it is 3-7
  • A 6 or a 7, the banker draws if they have a total value of 0-6 and stand if it is 7
  • A 4 or 5, the Baccarat Banker draws when they have a 0 to 5, and stand on 6 to 7
  • A 2 or a 3, the Banker draws with a total value of 0 to 4 and stands on a 6 to 7

Step 4 Claim your baccarat winnings

When one of the players has a total hand value close to 9, the game will end. Depending on the outcome bet, you will then claim your winnings, and pay a 5% commission if you bet on the banker winning. Or start again to try your luck.


More Baccarat Guides

Baccarat terminology

A few terms you might see in your casino Baccarat game.


This is the name of the worst hand possible in Baccarat, with a value of 0.

Banker bet

Betting on the Baccarat Banker winning the game, but not by any particular value.


When the first few cards in the shoe of the casino Baccarat game are taken out to prevent any cheating on the player or dealer’s part.


This is a 5% fee that the casino takes when a player places a banker bet and wins.


Taking a new card to improve the total value of your Baccarat hand, this is advised when you have a low hand value.

Mini online American Baccarat

A smaller table with lesser casino Baccarat stakes.

Natural 8 or 9

When the hand total is 8 or 9 with just two cards, the game is over.

Player bet

Betting that the casino Baccarat player will win, though not a particular hand or value.


The bet placed on the outcome of the casino Baccarat game.


When the casino Baccarat player or casino Baccarat Banker decides not to draw, leaving the next outcome to the other hand.


A container to hold the randomly dealt cards during the casino Baccarat game, to stop card swaps.

Tie bet

Betting that your casino Baccarat game will end in a tie, though this is very rare.