Online poker is a card game that requires a forced bet at the beginning of each round. There are many different types of poker, but two of the most popular are Texas Hold ‘Em and Stud. In Texas Hold ‘Em, players share part of a hand, and the winner is determined by whoever has the highest hand. In Stud, each player is dealt a hand with some cards face down, and others face up.

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This is one of the most popular games in online casinos because of the progressive bets and higher stakes than most card games. The different types of poker in American online casinos are:

  • 8-Game Mix
  • Badugi
  • Omaha
    • Classic
    • Hi-Lo
  • Razz
  • Single Draw 2-7
  • Stud
    • Classic
    • Hi-Lo
  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Triple Draw 2-7

online poker

Online poker game rules

The rules of online poker vary with each type of game, but a few things stay the same. For example, in any poker game, you have the option to bet in each round. Though you don’t have to place a bet every time, you have one of five options, namely:

  • Make a bet – if you are the first person in the clockwise turn around the table.
  • Check a bet- you can only check if there is no bet during your round.
  • Decide to fold – you lose your hand and cannot win.
  • Raise a bet – matching the highest bet made and adding more to it.
  • Call a bet – matching the highest bet made.

If you decide to fold, your cards are no longer in play, and you must leave the table. We do not advise folding for American gamblers because this means you will lose whatever you bet previously unless you have a bad hand.

A step by step guide for online poker USA

With all the different types of poker, it’s easy to find a game that suits you. However, we recommend that players begin with free games of poker, just to see how the game is played before betting real money. Many American online casinos require that you make an account before playing any games, so be careful with your choice of online casino.

Step 1 Choose your game

There are two types of poker games, ring games and tournaments. Ring games can be joined and left whenever you feel like, but tournaments require a once-off buy in and a particular time to begin play.

Step 2 Get your cards

In Poker, you will be dealt a hand with 2 to 4 cards, depending on the game. Look carefully at your cards before you bet.

Step 3 Decide on your stake

The more you bet, the more you win, and all players are required to bet in the first round. However, we don’t advise that gamblers new to the game start with bets higher than $100. There is always time in later rounds to up the bets until there is a substantial stake, also known as a pot.

Step 4 Watch the cards

After you and your fellow players have bet and you have made sure you like your hand, it’s time for the dealer to deal the first three of the five-line. If you feel good about your hand, you can raise your bet, or call a bet. The next two cards dealt will decide if you get a winning set. The possible winning sets are usually a full house or a flush. There are many different kinds of hands, but the most common way to win is if your opponent has a bad hand, or decides to raise the stakes and loses.

Step 5 Raise or call

As the game progresses, players will either raise the bet or match it. If they have a bad hand, they will fold, and allow other players to continue. Some players even fold before betting starts if they feel they have a bad hand.

online poker cards

Online poker game strategy

To win in online poker, you must either make a good set of cards or place an uncalled bet. In the last round of the game, this means you will either have a showdown to reveal all of your cards or your bet will not be matched by other players.

Online poker terminology

While poker games vary, these are a few terms you will notice in your game.


A player’s turn to bet or raise the bets made.

Blind or ante

A forced bet made so that you can stay in a round.


To keep betting even when you don’t have the best hand of the game.

Bring in

The minimum bet you have to play if you have the lowest third street card.


When you match a bet made by another player in a round of online poker.


When decide not to place a bet in online poker until another player opens the round.

Community cards

Cards that are used by the table of players to make a hand in online poker, these are usually dealt over three rounds.


The first three community cards dealt.


To drop out of a round if you are unable to match a bet, or if your hand is bad.


Increasing the betting amount, forcing other players to call or to raise their bets.


The last community card dealt in an online poker game. Or the seventh card in a seven card stud game, placed face down.


The last round of an online poker game, where you reveal your cards to other players.


When a player makes reckless choices after a bad round.

online poker table how to play

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