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Playing online poker games is widely popular in the United States. The game has been enjoyed for hundreds of years and has developed much since it first came on the market. Many different variations of the game can be played both online and at actual casino venues. We’ve shortlisted some of the popular ones below. Although playing in a live setting like you would at a casino has its pros, playing online poker games certainly has its own benefits and advantages.

There are many online casino sites in the USA where you can play poker, and each site has its own offerings. Some casino sites might have a larger collection of poker games than others, while some sites might have better bonuses and rewards. Have a look at some of our casino sites below and select any one of them to start playing your favourite online poker games today.

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Popular Online Poker Games

Texas Hold’em

This poker game is by far the most played across the board. Many often associates poker with Texas Hold’em. Here’s how you play:

  1. The dealer, or computer software will shuffle the deck of cards.
  2. All mandatory bets are then paid, also known as blinds.
  3. The dealer (or computer software) will then hand you two cards facing down.
  4. At this point in the poker game, the first real betting round will commence and you’ll be faced with the decision to call, raise or fold based on the hand you’ve got.
  5. After this, the dealer will deal another card facing down, and three more facing up.
  6. The next betting round starts, and once done, the dealer deals two more cards, one up and the other down.
  7. Another betting round starts and functions the same as all the others.
  8. Two final cards are dealt after this, one up and the other down and is followed by a final betting round
  9. Those players who haven’t fell off during this process will enter the final poker game round where the player with the best hand wins.
  10. The next poker game round starts once a winner for the first round is announced.

Online Poker Games USA


Omaha is another great one to play. In this online poker game, you get dealt four cards as opposed to just two like in Texas Hold’em. To make a winning hand, your cards should consist of two-hole cards (the down facing cards in your personal hand) and three community cards (up facing cards in the centre of the table which belongs to every player). All betting rounds in this game follows the same sequence as the betting rounds in Texas Hold’em. If you show that you’ve got a hand of two-hole cards and three community cards, you win.

7 Card Stud

Seven card stud is one of the simpler poker games. In 7 card stud, each player receives seven cards, three facing down and the other four facing up. From these cards, you must try to make the best possible five card hand out of the seven you’ve received.

5 Card Stud

This one is perhaps the simplest of all online poker games. In five card stud, each player is given five cards and must use them to make the best hand. Here you have the option to trade in up to three of your initial cards if you see no use for them.

High or Low Poker

In this poker game, players complete for the highest hand, or the lowest hand. In the high variation, the player with the highest spade card facing down wins half the prize pool up for grabs. In the low variation of the game, the player with the lowest spade card also facing down wins half of the prize pool. The other half of the prize pool is awarded to the player with the best hand overall. If you should be so lucky to have both the highest\lowest spade and the best hand, you win the entire pot.

Online Poker Games Variations USA

Poker Games Terminology

You cannot play poker games or any casino game for that matter if you do not know how to play, or if you don’t understand the terminology used in the game. See some of the must-know terms below.

Blinds: This is an amount of money, in the form of chips that you place on the table as a bet before the cards are dealt. There are two types of blinds: small and big, and you place new blinds with every new hand.

Ante: The ante in a poker game refers to the minimum amount of money you must bet to get in on the game.

Raise: In any poker game, you call for a raise when you want to increase your initial table bet.

Call: When a player has placed a new wager by means of a raise, a call signifies the next players willingness to match that new amount wagered by the previous player.

Check: If no new wager was made, and no player wants to raise their initial bets, they may check.

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