Loyalty programs are special programs that online casinos in America have developed to reward players who are loyal to the casino. There is serious competition in the online casino industry in the USA in 2019, with casinos constantly offering amazing bonuses to attract new players. If there was no reason to stick around and remain loyal to an online casino, players would constantly be jumping between online casinos, claiming welcome bonuses and moving on. This is where loyalty programs come in and they help to encourage American players to stick with their chosen online casino.loyalty programs United states online casinos

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Loyalty Programs – What are they?

As we mentioned, the idea behind loyalty programs at online casinos is to give players a reason to stick around and stay at the casino. Otherwise, once they’ve used up their welcome bonus, there would be no reason not to simply move to another Internet casino and claim that welcome bonus.

Loyalty programs work by tracking an American player at the casino in question. The casino will track how often they play, what they play, how much they win and lose, and how often they deposit funds into their account. This will be used to determine how many loyalty points they’ll be given and, eventually, when they move up to the next tier.

What are the loyalty program tiers?

Typically, a loyalty program will have around four tiers. Players will start at the lowest tier and move their way up. As they move their way up the tiers, they will receive better bonuses, promotional offers, and rewards. Eventually, a player may even qualify to move into the VIP program, which has even better offers.

How to join the Loyalty program

The good news is that at most online casinos today, you are already a member of the loyalty program if you have an account with the online casino. These days, as soon as you register, you join the loyalty program. From there, it is up to you how you progress. Some players will pay no attention to it, while others will try to level up.

In order to level up, you’ll need to accumulate a certain number of loyalty points. Most online casinos tend to give you one loyalty point for every $10 wagered. This means that the more you wager, the faster you’ll get to the next level. Players will often also find that they’ll earn more points as they reach the higher levels, as the online casino will reward them with more points.

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What are the rewards of loyalty programs?

The good news is that the rewards of a loyalty program can truly be amazing. This obviously changes a bit when you compare different casinos to each other and it also depends on the tier you’re at. However, almost all players will find something worthwhile, even if they don’t actively pursue the higher levels.

Some rewards that are normally associated with loyalty program rewards in the United States include using your points to exchange for casino credits, special deposit bonuses, and even entry into casino game tournaments with guaranteed prizes.

Once you begin to reach higher levels, the rewards get even better. Some online casino may even go as far as offering tickets to concerts or sporting events in your area, or even a personal account manager. However, these types of benefits are rare and you’ll need to have reached the very top of the loyalty program in order to stand a chance of getting these sorts of rewards.

Loyalty programs – The very top

Over and above loyalty programs, many online casinos in the USA will also offer VIP programs. You can read more in on VIP programs here, but just know that it is largely the same, except bigger and better. Once a player reaches the very top of the loyalty program, they may be invited to become a VIP. Like the loyalty programs, there are points to be earned and rewards to claim. The rewards and benefits will largely be the same, just bigger and better in every way.

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How to choose an online casino and loyalty program

If you’ve made it to this part of the page, you’re probably wondering how you should choose an online casino and its loyalty program. In truth, you need to look at a lot more than the loyalty programs on offer. If the rewards are good but the rest of the casino is poor, it’s not going to be a good experience for you. Below are the most important aspects you need to look into before choosing a loyalty program.

Safety and Security at the casino

Whenever you’re choosing an online casino, the safety and security is the single most important aspect. You need to be able to trust you’re not being cheated, your details are safe, and your winnings will be paid out. You must ensure that an independent organization overseas the casino and that high-quality security is used, such as 128-bit SSL encryption.

The loyalty program rewards

If you’re looking for great loyalty programs, it makes sense to actually check out the rewards offered by the programs. This is where comparing the rewards from different casinos comes into play.

The selection of casino games

Remember, no matter how good the loyalty programs are, you still need to wager money to advance through the tiers. This means playing games and if the game section at the casino is lacking, it will make it more difficult to progress. You don’t want to get bored, so make sure the game selection is worthy.

Payout Speed

Let’s be honest, while you’re placing your bets and getting loyalty points, you’d love it if you could win some money on the way. When you cash out these winnings, would you like it to take few days to be deposited into your bank account or a few weeks? We thought so…

Casino Customer Care

While we all hope that technology will always work with us, this is not always the case. Whenever choosing an online casino, whether the loyalty program is an important factor or not, you must always check the customer service. Ideally, you want an American online casino with support that is available 24/7.

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