Online scratch cards give USA players a quick and easy way to win amazing real money prizes. With the chance to win instant prizes almost as soon as you scratch the card, scratch offs have become one of the most popular instant prize lotteries in America and around the world. Instead of scraping the top layer of a card, you just have to click on certain parts of the card area to reveal your prize.

In many online casinos, you can only scratch a card once every hour, but many only depend on how many credits you have. Players from the USA not looking to spend any money, can also play free scratch cards, but you won’t be able to win anything. Casino US is ready to help you find the best online scratch offs in America. Play online scratch cards for real money at the Best Online Casinos for US players listed below and win big today!

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Top Online Scratch Off Casinos USA



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Scratch Cards Online in 2019

Though in the 21st century, the printed USA scratch card has become out-dated, with many American gamblers preferring to play online rather than buy a scratch card from a gas station or a supermarket. Easy access to online scratch cards has made them infamous in 2019, though there are risks to playing scratch games just like any other online casino game.

Some scratch cards online require that specific areas of a card be revealed first to count as a win. And others need to have a match of three pictures or words, just like the physical versions in some American states. Though the cards differ, the odds of winning with a scratch card USA are high compared to other lotteries. All that matters is that getting lucky means an instant win!

How to win with online scratch cards

Winning is very easy with the best online scratch card games, depending on which games you decide to play. Some cards have nine slots you need to scratch to get three matches, and some just need to be scratched in the right places to win. It all depends on you as a player, though some games ask that you bet on the outcome before scratching your card.

Easy ways to play online scratch cards USA

When searching through American online casino sites, try to go for the games that have picture matches, or only one area to scratch. For many of our readers, it’s easier to win with an uncomplicated scratch card game, as opposed to a game that makes you wait between tries.

There are so many types of scratch card games that it’s easy to find one you want to play, and many gamblers from the USA prefer to play multiple scratch games to increase their odds of winning. With internet scratch cards, your chance of winning a prize is one in four, though it varies between games. Awards range in actual money, but the casinos will always payout right then and there.

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Online scratch card rules

Every online scratch card game is different, but you can follow a few simple rules for most of these games. Unlike our other casino games, online scratch offs real money USA don’t have a lot of rules. It’s up to you to decide which game you want to play, and which theme you want to go with.

Place a bet

If the site calls for it, place a bet on the outcome, most of the time, the game will multiply your winnings by the amount you bet.

Scratch your card

In many online lottery scratch off games, you will be given the option to scratch manually or have the computer scratch for you. It’s as simple as that.

Claim your prize

Once your card has been revealed, it’s time to cash in or try again.

History of scratch cards

Scratch cards were invented in the second half of the 20th century. During the 1960s, they became a popular method of promoting products, especially in American supermarkets and gas stations. Originally, scratch cards were made by manually randomizing each card to be a winning or a losing card. In 1987, the first computer-generated cards were created, paving the way for the cards we know today. The two co-creators of the cards we know today are Daniel Bower and John Koza. It’s because of their work that scratch cards are available anywhere in the United States through National lotteries and state-wide competitions.

The overall popularity of online scratch cards is due to their widespread appeal, with a global audience playing regularly. Many state lotteries in America have offered scratch cards since the 70s as an instant gratification game as opposed to the bi-weekly Powerball and Mega Millions. Scratch cards have also been very popular with various organisations to raise funds and promote awareness for any number of causes since they are so random and secure for large audiences.

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