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Craps cheat guide USAThis craps cheat guide is for players who want to know how people cheat at craps at a casino. Cheating on any gambling game, however, is strictly punishable and can go as far as landing you in jail. Craps is one of the most popular dice games that players can enjoy online and also at brick-and-mortar casinos. Because of the nature of the game, which is shooting the dice, quite a lot of players at physical establishments get tempted to cheat at the game. There are various ways to do this and that’s what we will be discussing in this guide.

Read on to find out more about craps cheats and what casinos might deem as cheating. This will help prevent you from being banned at casinos. Our experts also provide you with a list of safe casinos where you can play online craps fairly. We are confident that after reading this guide, you will know the safest and best way to play craps and do so at gambling sites that are fair.

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How to Cheat Craps

Craps is such an enjoyable game, if no one is cheating. The odds for several bets in the game are also broadly in the player’s favour. So, it’s really not necessary to cheat. But anyway, wherever you find gambling you will find cheating despite the harsh consequences. Below are the most common cheating methods at the craps table.

  • The Loaded Dice – this is the most common method for cheating craps. Since different players handle the dice, cheaters often try and manipulate dice by switching up the dice provided by the casino with their own loaded dice. A loaded dice is essentially a die that has been weighted down in certain places to increase the odds of a certain number.
  • Whip Shot – the most difficult method of cheating craps or any dice game. In these situations, the player throws dice in a way that it spins in a vertical axis all the way down to the table without flipping over. Casinos deem this as cheating, although you might argue otherwise. In most cases, the brick-and-mortar casino will have trained supervisors who will recognise this throw.
  • Past Posting – as the name may already suggest, past posting is moving a bet after the dice have landed. This is also one of the most common ways to cheat the game.

Cheating craps at internet casinos is not possible as the dice is shot by the computer. More so, the best casinos are regularly audited to ensure fairness of casino games.

How to cheat craps USA

Why You Shouldn’t Do it

Cheating on craps or any casino game for that matter is not allowed. A casino reserves the right to ban you from their tables, premises or even report you to the authorities if they find you cheating or attempting to. In 2016, two players at Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas were ordered to serve 4-8 years in prison for cheating craps.

The casino dealer was also found guilty and received 5-10 years in prison while another person, who was deemed a cooperative got 2-5 years in prison.  Play craps fairly at our recommended casinos for players!

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