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Dave | January 5, 2023 | Updated on: January 8th, 2024

For high rollers or whales, gambling is all about betting big to win big. The fame and perks that come with placing high roller bets are but part of the job. When you are a high roller at a casino you are in a league of your own. And, casinos work hard to maintain good relationships with these players because they bring in the most money.

But, how much is a high roller bet? And, how much money is enough to be considered a whale? Continue reading our article for more on what a high roller is and how much you must bet at the table to become one.

High Roller Bets

The benchmark for what is considered a high roller differs from casino to casino. What is considered a high roller bet in Delaware or Detroit, might not be considered a high roller bet at one of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Betting limits also vary among the different casino games.

High roller bets

On average though, to be considered a whale, you must bet at least $500 to $1000 per hand. This shines some light on you and puts your foot in the door. However, high roller bets in the big league can start at about $100 000 and may even go up into the early millions.

Now, if you gamble in areas where gambling is not as popular, betting $100 might get you in the league and have casino staff carrying drinks after you in no time.

However, online casinos have lowered the bar in this regard. Being a high roller online also isn’t the same as being a high roller at a land-based casino. But, you will still be recognized for making big deposits and placing high roller bets even if you gamble online. Here the perks may include cashback bonuses, no deposit bonuses, tons of free spins, and access to extra game features.

Characteristics of a High Roller

To acquire high roller status at a casino you must make big bets and play high stake games like baccarat and poker. Whales are also known for leaving big tips and having expensive taste in drinks around the table.

High rollers are also easily recognizable by the way the casino treats them. This type of player gets offered expensive whiskeys and champagne. And, there’s always a staff member standing by to help with whatever he/she needs.

The kind of payouts and rewards a high roller receives goes beyond payouts at the table. These players often receive complimentary stays at the casino hotel, free concert tickets, all expenses paid vacations, and other gifts.

Visit any of the casinos that we have listed on our site and make a deposit. You could well be on your way to raking in big wins, and possibly joining the list of high rollers at the casino.